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Leads Conversion Funnel Diagram

Illustrate leads conversion funnel with this creative infographic presenting win deals through the following stages: prospects, opportunities, negotiations, proposals, and wins. Complement the visuals with a numeric summary of prospects to opportunity ratio, opportunity to win ratio, and lead conversion ratio.

What Does This Leads Conversion Funnel Diagram Include?

  • VIllustration of 5 steps in the conversion funnel represented with colorful circles containing numbers with arrows pointing the flow direction
  • 5 arrow-shaped title containers with colorful graphics with icons
  • 3 editable text containers holding numeric summaries
  • Outline icons of prospects, customers, people, target, opportunities, diamond, quality, value, negotiations, handshake, proposal, product, box, offer, trophy, win

This Leads Conversion Funnel Diagram is a part of our Company Town Hall Meeting Presentation PPT Template.

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