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Examples of needs in marketing: product, sales, production, customer
from deck Needs and Business Values Icons (flat PPT clipart)

Marketing orientations icons

Slide Content

The slide presents four types of marketing orientations, each accompanied by a unique icon. "Product orientation" suggests a focus on the quality and features of the product itself. "Sales orientation" implies a strategy centered around aggressive sales techniques. "Production orientation" indicates a priority on efficient production processes and costs. Lastly, "Customer orientation" highlights the importance of tailoring to the needs and wants of the customer. Each orientation has a corresponding icon that visually represents its focus.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title "Marketing orientations icons" is prominently displayed at the top in large, bold text.
  • Four colorful icons are aligned horizontally, each with a short label underneath in a smaller font.
  • The icon for "Product orientation" features a medal with a checkmark, implying quality or achievement.
  • "Sales orientation" is represented by an icon that includes a building with a bar chart, suggesting corporate sales or growth.
  • The "Production orientation" icon depicts a factory with cogwheels, signifying manufacturing processes.
  • "Customer orientation" is symbolized by a smiling face with a telephone and a gear, indicating customer service.
  • Below the icons and labels, there's a note about the icons being "Fully editable & automatically adjusting to color schema."
  • Additional versions of the same icons in circular shapes are presented at the bottom of the slide.

The slide has a clean and professional aesthetic, using a flat design style with a limited color palette to create an engaging visual representation of marketing concepts. The arrangement of elements is balanced, guiding the viewer's eye across each marketing orientation systematically.

Use Cases

  • Introducing the concept of marketing orientations in a business strategy presentation.
  • Training employees on different focuses in marketing strategy within the company.
  • A comparison slide showing different marketing strategies that a company could adopt.
  • A marketing class or workshop where the basic principles of marketing orientations are being taught.

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