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Modifying shapes in PowerPoint

Slide Content

The slide is divided into two sections illustrating the concept of "Modifying shapes in PowerPoint" with a focus on "Fully editable shapes". In the left section, there's a case study titled "Salary distribution" showing a bar chart with salary ranges and the percentage they represent in a certain context. The chart indicates the majority of salaries fall within the "41-55" range at "48%". The right section lists benefits of fully editable shapes such as the ability to "Change texts", "Replace icons", "Adapt colors to your brand", and "Reshape & resize elements", suggesting that the shapes can be customized for various presentation needs, with an example of a resizable circle shape beneath.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white with a subtle cyan gradient on the top border.
  • A large header in dark teal with white text reads "Modifying shapes in PowerPoint".
  • Two rounded rectangle blocks—one orange and one blue—sit opposite each other with slide content.
  • The left block includes a bar graph under the "Salary distribution" heading, with bars in various shades of blue representing salary ranges.
  • Icons of a money bag with a Euro sign are next to the salary categories on the left block.
  • The right block contains a bulleted list of text and an illustration of a shape with resizing handles, indicating interactivity.
  • A grey arrow pointing from the left block to the right one symbolizes the modification process.
  • Small text and logos are near the bottom of the slide, but these are not to be detailed.

The overall look is clean, with a balance between a data display on the left and descriptive text with an illustrative example on the right. It uses contrasting colors for visual separation and emphasis.

Use Cases

  • Presenting editable features of a software tool during a training or sales demo.
  • Highlighting the capabilities of a presentation design service in a marketing pitch.
  • Explaining data visualization customization options in a workshop or educational setting.
  • Illustrating the flexibility of a product's user interface during a product development meeting.

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