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Monthly Operational Expenses Dashboard
from deck OpEx Costs Analysis Financial Report (PowerPoint Template)

Monthly Operational Expenses Dashboard

Slide Content

The slide presents a comparison of planned versus actual operational expenses over a series of cost centers (CC). "Planned Expenses" are listed as 40.0 million USD, which is the budgeted amount allocated for operational costs. "Actual Expenses" amounted to 36.5 million USD, indicating the real money spent. The "Difference" shows a favorable variance of -3.5 million USD or -9%, meaning the actual expenses were lower than planned. A bar graph compares the expenses for 8 different cost centers, each showing planned in green and actual in blue.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title is in bold, large font, top-centered with two lines of subtext.
  • Three connected text boxes with icons on the left side, each containing different financial metrics: planned, actual expenses, and the difference.
  • A horizontal bar chart occupies the right half of the slide, contrasting planned and actual expenses across eight cost centers.
  • The first of the three boxes on the left contains a dollar sign, the second an outline of a person, and the third a pair of crossed arrows.
  • The bar chart includes labels for each cost center (CC 1 through CC 8) along with numerical values.
  • Downward-pointing orange arrows next to some of the bars in the chart likely indicate a decrease from planned to actual expenses.
  • The slide has a clean and professional design with contrasting colors to distinguish different elements.

The slide sports a professional and clear design, with visual elements like icons and arrows providing quick cues for interpretation. The use of contrasting colors in the bar chart helps distinguish planned versus actual expenses at a glance.

Use Cases

  • Presenting monthly financial results to company management or stakeholders.
  • Reviewing budget performance in a department or team meeting.
  • Identifying areas of cost savings or overruns in operational expenses during a financial audit.
  • Utilizing in a workshop or seminar to teach budget planning and execution analysis.

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