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from deck Omnichannel Retail Strategy Presentation (PPT Template)

Editing Outline Icons in PowerPoint

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide discusses customization of outline icons in presentations. It provides two contrasting approaches: one is recommended "Do," and the other is not recommended "Don't." The "Do" section illustrates how to easily change the outline color and width of an icon's outline by adjusting the shape weight, indicating that these modifications can enhance the icon's appearance. The "Don't" section advises against giving outline icons a color fill and using an excessively thick line, as these changes can make the icon difficult to read.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title is prominently displayed at the top in large black text against a white background.
  • Two sets of screenshots depict PowerPoint menu options for changing icon outline color and width.
  • A two-column layout is employed with "Do" and "Don't" sections, highlighted by respective teal and red headers on a white background.
  • Examples of icons are shown beneath each of these headers, with variations corresponding to the described adjustments.
  • The icons are simple and symbolic representations of a house with distinct differences in outline color and thickness demonstrating the slide's messages.
  • Arrows point from the textual instructions to the corresponding icon examples to visually link explanations with results.
  • Each section header and associated content is subtly separated by a grey divider which links to its corresponding set of icon examples.

The slide has a clean and professional aesthetic with a good balance between text, graphics, and white space. The use of contrasting colors effectively guides the viewer's attention to the recommended practices versus those to avoid.

Use Cases

  • To instruct users on how to edit and customize icons in PowerPoint during a training or educational workshop.
  • As part of a style guide for a company's presentation materials, ensuring consistent and clear visual communication.
  • During a webinar or online tutorial focused on improving PowerPoint skills for better presentation design.
  • As a quick reference in a guidebook or manual for designers and presenters to refine their slides' aesthetics. I'm sorry, but it seems there is no attached picture for me to describe. If you attach a picture, I can help you with the description.

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