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Ongoing Projects Status Slide Layout

Slide Content:

The slide visually represents the status of ongoing projects within a company. It includes a list of projects with corresponding due dates, a comments section for additional notes, and a status column using checkmarks and crosses to indicate the completion or in-progress nature of each project. The layout helps track project progress and provides a quick overview of which projects are on track and which require attention.

Graphical Look:

  • Five horizontal blue bars, each representing a different project with space to include the project name and due date.
  • A continuous light blue line connects the bars, creating a timeline effect.
  • To the right of the bars, there are two columns; one for comments with text placeholders, and another for status with checkmark or cross icons in green and orange.
  • The background of the slide is white, with a background image.

Overall, the slide uses a clean and organized design to convey the status of various projects. Using icons and color coding makes it easy to assess which projects are completed or need further attention quickly.

Use Cases:

This slide could be effectively used in:

  • Project management meetings to review the progress of ongoing initiatives.
  • Status update presentations to executive teams or stakeholders.
  • Team meetings to align on project deadlines and address any roadblocks.
  • Reporting to clients on the progress of contracted work.

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