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Online and Offline Connection
from deck Omnichannel Retail Strategy Presentation (PPT Template)

Online and Offline Connection

Tactics (actions or plans intended to achieve a specific goal)

  • Click & Collect
  • Inventory integration

Actions (specific things that are done in order to achieve a goal)

  • SOP in all stores (Standard Operating Procedure in all stores)
  • EDI with franchisees (Electronic Data Interchange with franchisees)

Responsibles (people or groups of people who are in charge of something)

  • IT Manager
  • Head of Retail

Deadlines (times by which something must be done)

  • 31.12.20XX (December 31, 20XX)
  • Q3 20XX (Third quarter of 20XX)

Deliverables (things that are produced or achieved)

  • Cross-channel inventory visibility (the ability to see inventory levels across all channels, including online and offline stores)

Graphical Look:

  • The slide has a simple and clean design, with a white background.
  • The slide title is at the top of the slide, in a large font size.
  • The table has a blue border and the text in the table is centered.
  • There are icons 5 icons.

Use Cases

This type of PowerPoint slide can be used in a variety of settings, including:

-Project management: To communicate the tactics, actions, responsibles, deadlines, and deliverables of a project to stakeholders. -Business planning: To outline the key steps and goals of a business plan to investors or other decision-makers. -Sales and marketing presentations: To highlight the key features and benefits of a product or service to potential customers. -Educational presentations: To summarize the key points of a lesson or lecture in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand way.

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