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Our Strategic Direction

The slide is a visually structured presentation of a company's strategic priorities, intended for use in business meetings where mid-term planning is discussed. This PowerPoint PPT slide acts as an infographic template to convey a concise message about the company's focus areas, such as brand image, market strategy, and ESG goals, facilitating a clear understanding among stakeholders.

What Does This Our Strategic Direction Include?

  • Six arrow-shaped text containers illustrated with icons
  • Outline icons of a star, a globe, a hierarchy chart, a bar graph, puzzles, and an atomic structure, suggesting various business focuses
  • The layout is symmetrical, with three priorities on the top and three on the bottom
  • The color theme features different shades of blue, providing a cohesive and professional appearance

This Our Strategic Direction is a part of our Corporate Business Plan Presentation with ESG Strategy PPT Template.

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