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Practical Company Actions Template
from deck Actions Template Against Climate Change (PPT presentation)

Practical Company Actions Template

Slide Content

The slide titled "Practical Company Actions Template" outlines a four-step approach for businesses to address environmental concerns. It describes strategy development to include climate change mitigation, implementation through practical actions like improving energy efficiency, cooperation with business partners to reduce CO2 emissions, and monitoring to measure carbon footprints. Each step is explained with bullet points, highlighting key initiatives and leaving space for customized examples.

Graphical Look

  • The slide uses a color scheme of different shades of blue and light blue background.
  • Four rounded rectangular shapes are arranged horizontally across the slide, each containing a title and an icon at the top, followed by bulleted text.
  • The icons within circles represent different themes: a chess piece for "Strategy," gears for "Implementation," linking people for "Cooperation," and a gauge for "Monitor."
  • The titles of each category are written in capitalized, bold white font, which contrasts with the darker blue background of the rectangles.
  • The bulleted lists use a smaller, non-bold font to describe each category, with a lighter blue for the bullet points.
  • There's a place-holder text in italic saying "... your example here" under each list indicating where to add additional custom content.

The slide has a sleek and professional look with uniformity in design for each category, making the information clear and easy to read.

Use Cases

  • Presenting a company's environmental strategy and policies to stakeholders or during annual meetings.
  • Providing a framework for sustainability workshops to help teams identify and integrate green practices into their workflow.
  • Showcasing a company's environmental initiatives in corporate social responsibility sections of reports or on the company website.
  • Using as a template for educational presentations on corporate sustainability and environmental impact reduction.

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