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Practical Employee Actions

Slide Content

The topic of the slide is "Practical Employee Actions," with a focus on "Connecting with Supporters, Creating Plan, Forming Network, Spreading Awareness." The slide is structured into three key action areas: Connect, Create, and Communicate. "Connect" involves sharing concerns with coworkers, knowing resource groups like sustainability committees, and connecting with supporters and strategic nonprofit partners. "Create" is about mapping key audiences and forming communication plans, using expertise to identify high-impact areas, and defining clear initiative goals. "Communicate" encompasses using networks to spread awareness, employing petition tools and media platforms to reach leaders, and maintaining momentum through follow-ups.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a blue and white color scheme.
  • There are three rounded rectangles with icon headers for each action area: Connect, Create, Communicate.
  • Each action area has a light blue circle with a unique icon: handshake for Connect, lightbulb with star for Create, speech bubble with star for Communicate.
  • Subpoints are numbered and presented in a lighter blue circle.
  • There is a use of thin lines to separate the title from the subtitle and to underline each key action area.
  • The text is in varying sizes, with the largest for the action titles and smaller for the details of each action.
  • The footer contains a source attribution, which is to be ignored.

The slide features a clean and structured design with engaging icons that visually separate and define each section. The use of consistent rounded shapes and color tones creates a harmonious and clear presentation of information.

Use Cases

  • To present employee engagement strategies during corporate meetings or workshops.
  • As part of a human resources training module on effective communication and team collaboration.
  • In leadership presentations to illustrate methods for increasing organizational impact through employee actions.
  • To outline a plan for a company-wide initiative focused on sustainability or social responsibility efforts.

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