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Problem Presentation Environmental Challenge to Solve
from deck Creative Eco Green Project Presentation, Organic Blobs (PPT Template)

Problem Presentation

Slide Content:

The PowerPoint slide is designed to identify and outline environmental challenges that a company or the community may face. The central theme is to encourage the audience to think about and articulate specific environmental problems, which could range from pollution to resource depletion. It is a starting point for discussions on environmental impact and sustainability, prompting the audience to consider the consequences of current practices and the need for change.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide background is split, with a photographic image on the right and a plain white space on the left.
  • The right side features a high-quality photograph of industrial smokestacks emitting smoke against a sky backdrop.
  • Below the title, a rounded rectangle with the word "Challenge" serves as a header for the placeholder text box.
  • The overall design uses a color palette of greens, reds, and the natural colors from the photograph.

The slide has a contrasting design, with a stark divide between a text area and a visual representation of environmental pollution. The design is impactful, using bold colors and clear imagery to focus attention on the severity of environmental issues.

Use Cases:

  • To kick off a discussion in an environmental science class or seminar.
  • In a corporate setting, to initiate talks about a company's environmental impact and corporate social responsibility.
  • At an environmental conference, to set the stage for dialogue on pollution and industrial impact.
  • During a community meeting, to discuss local environmental concerns and mobilize community action.

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