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Product Features Presence Comparison Table
from deck Business PowerPoint Table Design & KPI List, Flat Style (PPT Template)

Product Features Presence Comparison Table

Slide Content

The slide presents a comparison table that is designed to showcase the features of five different products. This table has 6 columns with colorful headers, assigning each product a distinct color. There are 9 rows available for descriptions, potentially allowing for comparison across multiple features or specifications. Each product column includes checkmarks or swoosh signs to indicate the presence of a feature, providing a clear visual cue to compare products quickly.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a white background with a colorful graphic consisting of five distinct columns.
  • At the top of each column, there is a flat, colored circle with a white icon in the center, each representing a product.
  • The colors for the columns are light blue, dark blue, green, orange, and red, in that order from left to right.
  • Inside each column, there is a series of checkmarks (✓) against the white backdrop, indicating feature presence.
  • The text areas for descriptions are provided as placeholders with lighter grey text on white backgrounds.
  • The slide utilizes a sans-serif font for clear readability.

The overall look of the slide is modern and clean, with a visually appealing use of flat design elements and contrasting colors to distinguish between different products. The slide employs a grid layout for easy comparison and a minimalist design to focus attention on the content.

Use Cases

  • The slide can be used in business meetings to compare features of different products within a company's portfolio.
  • It could serve as a visual aid during sales presentations to highlight the advantages of one product over others.
  • Marketing teams might use this slide to analyze competitors' products and identify unique selling points or areas for development.
  • It may also be helpful in product development discussions to outline and prioritize new features across upcoming products.

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