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Products and Features Comparison Table
from deck Creative Presentation Tables and KPI Outline Design (PPT Template)

Products and Features Comparison Table

Slide Content

The slide is structured as a matrix for comparing multiple products across different features. It consists of rows for each product and columns for each feature. Trend marks like arrows and lines appear next to product names to indicate performance or trends for that item, such as increasing, decreasing, or stable. Each feature section has placeholder text suggesting where to describe how each product relates to the feature, inviting detailed comparison.

Graphical Look

  • The slide title is in bold blue font at the top.
  • A subtitle text in light blue is placed below the title providing additional detail about the table format.
  • The header row consists of five columns with the word "Feature" highlighted in bold within an orange rectangle.
  • Each 'Feature' column header is connected to the one next to it by a horizontal orange line.
  • Each row is designated for a 'Product name' and has a light blue background.
  • Trend marks (arrows) in blue are placed before the product names indicating performance.
  • Each cell of the table has placeholder text in a smaller font size than the title.
  • One of the placeholder texts is encircled by a red oval to draw attention.

The overall look of the slide is clean and corporate, using color-coding and visual aids such as arrows and lines to convey trends and hierarchies at a glance. The layout is grid-based, making it easy to follow and understand the comparisons being made between different products and features.

Use Cases

  • In a business presentation to compare different products offered by a company and highlight their respective features and advantages.
  • During a marketing strategy meeting to analyze competitor products and their key differentiating properties.
  • For internal product development discussions to assess the progress and performance of various products in a lineup.
  • As part of a sales pitch to demonstrate to potential clients or investors how the company's products stack up against each other on various counts.

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