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Real Estate Onepager Icons – Finance & Value
from deck Real Estate Property Presentation (PPT Template)

Real Estate Onepager Icons – Finance & Value

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide titled "Real Estate Onepager Icons – Finance & Value" showcases a series of line icons related to financial aspects of real estate transactions which include: Tax, Percentage, Stamp Duty, Notary Fee, Document, Offer, Price, Payment, Money, Value, Law, Diamond, Quality, Approval, Opinion, Review, Star, Rating. Each icon symbolizes a different concept within the financial and value assessment processes within real estate, ranging from the cost of services like notary fees and taxes to qualitative assessments like quality and approval.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a clean, white background split into two sections by a diagonal line, with a dark teal area containing text to the right.
  • There are twelve distinct, minimalist line icons in a two-tone blue color palette, aligned in a grid layout on the left side of the slide.
  • Each icon represents a specific concept related to finance and real estate, such as a bag of money, a hand holding coins, a document, and more.
  • Five of the icons (three on top and two on the bottom row) are accompanied by a text label describing their respective concepts.
  • A circle in the bottom center of the slide highlights one icon, depicting a money bag, suggesting emphasis or focus on this item.
  • To the right side, there is a column of smaller icons in various colors (white, yellow, and teal) that echoes the larger icons on the left, serving as a visual reference and accent.
  • There is typographic text on the dark teal area to the top right that reads "Fully editable icons" in white font.

The slide uses a modern and flat design aesthetic with minimal colors, focusing on line art for the icons which provides a clear and professional look. The use of space and layout presents the information in a well-organized manner.

Use Cases

  • Presenting real estate-related financial services or processes in a business or client meeting to visually convey various aspects like costs and evaluations.
  • Utilized in real estate training materials to introduce and explain key financial terms and elements involved in property transactions.
  • Included in marketing materials to highlight the detailed services provided by real estate agencies, such as appraisal or legal services.
  • Adding visual interest to real estate investment proposals or portfolio presentations to communicate value-based metrics succinctly.

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