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Real Estate Property Presentation Template With Rating, Description, and Photos Layout
from deck Real Estate Property Presentation (PPT Template)

Property Name

Slide Content

The slide showcases a luxurious A-frame cabin featuring panoramic views and a spacious 60m2 terrace. Touted as an architectural gem, this property boasts soaring ceilings and large glass windows that flood the space with natural light and provide stunning views. It emphasizes the harmony of an open design with a modern kitchen, inviting prospects to retreat to a lofted bedroom with night sky views. An outdoor deck with a hot tub is highlighted as a place to unwind, surrounded by the beauty of nature. There is also a mention of a 3D tour availability, indicating that prospective buyers or renters can explore the property online.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a balanced layout with text on the left and high-quality images on the right.
  • A dark blue rectangular shape serves as a background for the slide title, creating contrast.
  • Four golden stars, possibly indicating a rating or quality level, are situated just above the central heading.
  • The central heading is emphasized in bold, large font, drawing attention to the key feature.
  • Text is organized in a clear hierarchy, with descriptive information in smaller font below the main heading.
  • A unique icon representing a cabin is placed at the bottom left corner, reiterating the property theme.
  • The company logo is positioned at the top right, along with a symbolic gold star above it.
  • A subtle arrow icon with the text "3D tour available" suggests additional interactive content.
  • Images are aligned to show the interior, terrace, and external features with a consistent wooden aesthetic.

The slide has a professional and appealing design, with a warm color palette complementing the images of the cabin. The overall visual is clean and inviting, emphasizing the property's luxurious aspects and modern amenities.

Use Cases

  • Real estate presentations to showcase high-end property features and selling points.
  • Marketing materials for vacation rental listings, emphasizing unique amenities like panoramic views and terraces.
  • Portfolio showcases for architects or interior designers demonstrating work on notable projects.
  • Virtual property tours for remote clients interested in exploring the property before a physical visit.

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