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Location Opportunities in Retail - Retail Location Planning PPT
from deck Go To Market Strategy Template Plan (PPT format)

Slide content:

This slide presents the location opportunities in retail in a circular shape diagram with high streets, shopping malls, department stores, and e-commerce/online. Explain the main pedestrian street's occupancy rate, the number of shopping centers in a gross living area, the number of stores and parking places, the number of chain department stores, and the average number of annual visitors. For your e-commerce/online presence write the number of e-commerce users and the top 5 e-stores where you'd like to promote and sell your product or service. You can add a specific description and comments under the bullet points and reshape the elements however you wish, without any quality loss. Click on the slide to see more illustration ideas for creating a GTM strategy presentation.

Slide infographic description:

Circular Shape Diagram, Store Icon, Mall Icon, Department Store Icon, Laptop Icon, Line Vector, Bullet Points, Outline Icons

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