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Main risk kinds - example of colored list
from deck Risk Matrix Diagrams (PPT template)


Slide Content

The slide lists various categories of risks that can impact an organization or project, each explained with a brief descriptor:

  • Economic: Involves financial loss or gain.
  • Social: Pertains to societal changes that could affect an organization.
  • Technological: Deals with risks arising from technological changes and innovation.
  • Natural: Refers to uncontrollable events such as natural disasters.
  • Political: Represents risks associated with changes in government policies or instability.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a gradient dark blue to light blue background.
  • A bold, white-colored title "TYPES OF RISK – LIST" at the top of the slide.
  • Five horizontal, rounded rectangles of varying colors (blue, orange, purple, blue, and green) represent different risk categories.
  • Inside each rectangle, on the left, there are circle-shaped icons corresponding to each risk category: a dollar sign for Economic, a person silhouette for Social, a mobile phone for Technological, a cloud with rain for Natural, and a building column for Political.
  • The text for each risk category is aligned to the left, adjacent to its icon.
  • The colors of the rectangles and icons are vibrant and contrast well against the slide background.

The slide's visual composition is clean and straightforward, using icons and colors effectively to distinguish between different types of risks. It looks professional and would be easy for an audience to follow and understand.

Use Cases

  • Presenting an overview of risk management in business meetings.
  • Educating employees or stakeholders about potential risks in project management seminars.
  • Using in workshops to analyze and prepare for different risk categories.
  • Incorporating into a strategic planning presentation to discuss potential external threats to a business or organization.

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