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Roadmap from Strategy Objectives to Actions
from deck Balanced Scorecard Strategy Presentation (PowerPoint Template)

Roadmap from Strategy Objectives to Actions

Slide Content

The slide depicts a flowchart outlining the process from "Strategy Objectives" to "Actions" by delineating steps like "Objectives," "KPIs," "Initiatives," and "Targets," ultimately leading to "Actions." Each step is further elaborated: "Initiatives of strategy objective" details specific projects and steps to achieve strategic goals, while "Initiatives of actions" describe breaking down actions into manageable parts for effective implementation and ensuring each action is in alignment with the overarching strategy.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a flowchart with a horizontal orientation, comprising arrows and rectangular blocks.
  • Arrows serve as connectors showing the progression from one step to the next within the flowchart.
  • Rectangular blocks are filled with teal and light blue colors and display text like "Objectives," "KPIs," "Initiatives," "Targets," and "Actions."
  • Two rounded rectangles contain descriptive texts for "Initiatives of strategy objective" and "Initiatives of actions."
  • Icons are present, with a target symbol highlighting "Strategy Objectives" and a checkmark inside a screen depicting "Actions."
  • The color palette consists of shades of teal, blue, and gray for a professional look.
  • The flowchart is well-organized with a clean design, facilitating the understanding of the depicted process.

The slide presents a clean, sharp design with a professional color scheme, effectively outlining a strategic roadmap. The icons and shapes are simple yet engaging, ensuring easy comprehension of the material.

Use Cases

  • Presenting a company's strategic planning process in management meetings.
  • Illustrating the alignment of individual tasks with overall objectives during team briefings.
  • Demonstrating progress in strategy implementation in stakeholder updates.
  • Providing a visual guide for project management phases in training sessions.

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