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Slide Title

Short Prompt and Comment Note

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Short Prompt and Comment Note" seems to be a template designed to document prompts and add explanatory comments in a concise and structured manner. The slide is divided into two main sections for text entry: one for adding the prompt text and the other presumably for additional commentary or screenshots, facilitating clear communication of instructions and respective annotations.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is plain white.
  • There is a light blue rectangle on the left side labeled "Prompt" with a faded icon series suggesting document-related actions; this implies a section for inputting prompt text.
  • The right side has a similar formatting to the blue rectangle but with no title; it indicates a place for text or screenshot additions.
  • Both text boxes are surrounded by dotted lines which insinuate where to input the respective contents.
  • Six faded icons that represent document editing and presentations, such as a screen, paintbrush, pie chart, and PowerPoint slides, are duplicated in both sections, symbolizing content creation tools.
  • Both sections have a placeholder text "Click to add..." guiding the user on where to enter text or upload images.

The overall look of the slide is simple and clean with a professional appearance. The use of light colors and clear delineations between content areas makes it intuitive for users to understand where to input their information.

Use Cases

  • To provide structured guidance for completing tasks, allowing collaboration through clear instructions and feedback.
  • During meetings or presentations for showcasing step-by-step processes with accompanying explanations or notes.
  • In educational settings, as a digital handout where students can see prompts and add their responses or notes.
  • As a part of a standard documentation package to unify the presentation of prompts and comments across various projects or teams.

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