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Social Sustainability Outline Icons Set – Product
from deck Social Sustainability Report ESG Presentation (PPT Template)

Social Sustainability Outline Icons Set – Product

Slide Content

The slide presents an array of icons related to social sustainability in product management. These include eco-friendly aspects and stages of the product lifecycle: a regular box representing Product, a leaf symbol indicating Eco-friendly Product, and a globe symbol for Organic. A shield icon stands for Protected Product, an arrow loop for Reuse, which implies extending the product’s life. The hand symbolizes Purchase, connecting to consumer actions; a shopping cart for Shopping, highlighting retail transactions; and a van icon implies Transport, indicating logistics and delivery services related to products.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean and minimalist design with a white background and a dark teal footer and header.
  • A teal accent bar at the top visually splits the header from the main content area, providing structure to the slide.
  • Each icon is matched with corresponding text labels underneath it, directly relating the icon to its concept.
  • Icons are represented in a monochrome outline style, offering a modern and professional appearance.
  • The colors of the icons are consistent, with dark grey outlines that contrast well against the white background.
  • There's a featured circular area on the right which highlights one icon in a larger view, which is encircled by a thin grey border.
  • The headers are in a bold sans-serif typeface, while the text for the icon labels is in a lighter weight of the same sans-serif font for easy readability.

The slide’s overall look is professional and focused, with a well-organized array of icons that are visually related through consistent styling and alignment.

Use Cases

  • Presenting the eco-friendly features and benefits of a product during an environmental sustainability meeting.
  • Outlining the stages of a product lifecycle in supply chain management presentations.
  • Highlighting key aspects of social responsibility in product design within corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports.
  • Educating employees or stakeholders on the icons used within the company's product-related documentation for clarity and standard ization.

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