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Sport and Leisure Product City Bike Leaflet Example
from deck New Physical Product Presentation One Pager (PPT Template)

Sport and Leisure Product City Bike Leaflet Example

Slide Content:

The PowerPoint slide features the "City Bike „Chamois”", emphasizing its appeal for urban cyclists. It includes a brief description stating it's a lightweight and efficient bike ideal for city riding, with a universal frame shape suitable for both men and women. Specifications are listed, detailing the frame size (17 inches), wheel size (27 x 1 ¼ inches), number of gears (1), gross weight (28 pounds), and frame color (cream). A customer testimonial with a 5-star rating adds a personal touch, suggesting satisfaction with the product.

Graphical Look:

  • A large, clear image of the City Bike occupies the right side of the slide, set against a scenic backdrop with a lake and mountains.
  • The left side features a vertical column with icons and text sections for the bike’s description and specifications.
  • The top left corner has the Bikerrissima logo.
  • There are rating stars and a customer testimonial at the bottom right, adding a social proof element.
  • The slide's color palette includes orange, blue, and cream, matching the bike's color scheme.

The slide is visually balanced, with a harmonious blend of text and imagery. The right side showcases the product in its intended environment, while the left side provides detailed information in an organized manner.

Use Cases:

  • In a marketing presentation to highlight the features and accolades of a new product.
  • During a sales pitch to showcase a best-selling item and its specifications.
  • At a trade show or exhibition, as a visual aid to attract and inform potential customers.
  • On a website or in a digital catalog to provide detailed information about a featured product.

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