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Strategic Plan Table – Five Year Roadmap Template
from deck Creative Tables Graphics (PPT template)

Strategic Plan Table – Five Year Roadmap Template

Slide Content: The slide presents a template for a strategic plan or roadmap laid out over five years. Each year is represented by a column with space for a year indicator, annotated as "20XX," and further subdivided into four rows for different strategic elements or focus areas. Each row has a dedicated space for a header and an accompanying description, allowing for detailed planning and tracking of initiatives over the multi-year period.

Graphical Look:

  • A large, bold title is placed at the top of the slide in dark blue.
  • A ribbon-like shape in light blue accentuates the left side of the slide, adding a design element.
  • Five columns across the slide, each representing a year, with headers in alternating shades of green and purple.
  • Four rows, each with a dark blue tab containing a white number ranging from 1 to 4, signify different strategic points or objectives.
  • To the right of each number tab, there is a light blue header box for each strategic point with placeholder text, "Your header here".
  • Below each header box, there is a larger white textbox placeholder for more extensive descriptions.
  • The footer contains a website URL where additional slides and icons can be found, emphasized in a light blue strip.

The slide is designed with a clean and structured layout, incorporating both color-coded elements and clear text placeholders to delineate different categories and timeframes. The visual hierarchy is well-defined, guiding the viewer's eye through each section methodically.

Use Cases:

  • To outline strategic objectives and milestones for different departments or projects within a company.
  • For presenting a company's long-term vision and the phases of implementation to stakeholders or investors.
  • As a visual aid during annual planning meetings to facilitate discussions about future initiatives and goals.
  • To track progress and update the team during quarterly reviews on the status of the roadmap objectives.

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