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Table Hand-drawn Chart Markers

Slide Content

The slide titled "Table Hand-drawn Chart Markers" presents elements used to enhance visual communication in presentations, including Highlighters, Underlines, Encircles, Arrows, Ovals, and Curly Brackets. Each concept relates to drawing attention or creating emphasis on certain areas of a slide: highlighters simulate the effect of a marker on text, underlines underscore key terms, encircles draw a visual boundary or focus around an object, arrows indicate direction or connection, ovals can surround text or graphics for emphasis, and curly brackets group items or concepts visually.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a light background with two main sections split by color: a white main content area and a dark teal header.
  • The header contains the rather large white slide title and subtitle on the left and a caption "Fully editable icons" on the right, all against the dark teal background.
  • Main graphical elements include a series of hand-drawn shapes and arrows on the left, which look like freehand blue sketches.
  • There's a single green highlighter mark on the top right of the white area below the teal header.
  • On the top right corner, a set of four circular icons are displayed with differing colors and a highlight effect to indicate editability.
  • At the bottom right, there is a light gray text box containing additional text "More icons available. Check our website" along with a web address.

The slide uses a clean and minimalistic design approach, combining freehand illustration style elements to create a sense of informality and creativity. The contrast between the hand-drawn figures and the solid-colored icons creates visual interest.

Use Cases

  • To emphasize key points in a business strategy presentation by using hand-drawn markers to draw attention to specific data or statements.
  • In educational or training presentations to underline or circle important concepts for easier retention by the audience.
  • In creative brainstorming sessions, using the arrow icons to visually connect ideas or show progression in a thought process.
  • During product development presentations to bracket and highlight user feedback or feature requests.

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