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Talent Management - Key Components of Talent Management Infographic Slide
from deck HR Talent Management Presentation PowerPoint Template with Graphics

Slide content:

This is a Talent Management Key Components Slide Presentation with Hexagon Diagram. The seven key components of recruitment are Strategic Employee Planning, Acquisition & Retention, Performance, Learning & Motivating, Compensation, Career Development, and Succession.

Slide Infographic description:

Look at how the interaction between the components can be graphically presented by taking advantage of their hexagonal shape. A variety of colors helps to identify every element. Adding lighter borders and descriptions within the icon improves its visibility. The narrative is supported by a picture associated with it. Strategic Employee Planning has a Chess Rock Piece Icon, Talent Acquisition & Retention has a corresponding Talent Acquisition Icon, Learning & Motivating has Lightbulb Icon or Idea Icon, Performance Management with Performance Management Icon, Compensation has Wallet Icon, Career Development with Career Development Icon, Succession Planning with Man with Checkmark Tick Icon

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