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TBL Outline Icons Set – General 2
from deck Triple Bottom Line Sustainable Business Strategy (PPT Template)

TBL Outline Icons Set – General 2

Slide Content

The slide appears to be showcasing a variety of icons that represent different concepts such as cogs and gears for mechanisms or processes, search or magnifying glass for analysis or investigation, links or chains for connections or relationships, barricades for obstacles or limitations, recycle arrows for sustainability or repetition, and speedometer or gauge for measurement or performance. These icons are likely used to visually communicate these concepts in presentations.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, professional design with a primary focus on a set of line-drawn icons.
  • Icons are evenly spaced and organized in two rows, with icons aligned horizontally and vertically to create a structured layout.
  • Each icon is depicted in a simple, outlined graphic style, emphasizing clarity and ease of understanding.
  • The bottom row of icons is slightly larger than the top row, possibly to balance the visual weight on the slide or highlight these icons.
  • Icons are monochromatic, using only black for the outlines, ensuring maximum contrast against the white background.
  • A distinctive teal-colored band on the right edge of the slide contains three variations of the magnifying glass icon in different colors (white, yellow, green), these are labeled as "Fully editable icons".

The overall appearance of the slide is modern and minimalist, focusing on the icons themselves without any additional decorative elements. This design choice suggests a preference for clear communication of ideas over ornate graphics.

Use Cases

  • To visually enhance business presentations by illustrating concepts like process flow, innovation, analysis, and performance metrics.
  • As part of a training module to communicate principles of business operations, from searching for information to measuring outcomes.
  • During strategic planning sessions where the icons can represent various stages of product development or organizational processes.
  • For creating more engaging marketing materials that require visual representation of services, features or benefits.

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