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Three Columns Dashboard Layout

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "Three Columns Dashboard Layout" compares three Key Performance Indicators (KPI) across a span of three months. Each column represents a different KPI, with bar charts showing 'Target' and 'Actual' values. The slide is structured to allow for a header and commentary next to each chart. Also, there are bullet points at the bottom of each column where additional descriptive text can be added. This layout is designed to provide a clear visual comparison and facilitate take-away commentary for each KPI.

Graphical Look

  • The slide background is white.
  • The title of the slide is set in dark blue text at the top.
  • There are three teal-colored circular icons with a white chart graphic inside, positioned above the bar charts.
  • Each circular icon is accompanied by a horizontal grey text box labeled "Write your header."
  • Three sets of bar charts depict the 'Target' in dark blue and 'Actual' in orange.
  • The captions "Month 1," "Month 2," and "Month 3" are below each bar chart.
  • Three grey text bubbles with bullet points are located at the bottom of each column, under the charts, for additional text.
  • The textual content is presented in black font with bullet points in dark blue.
  • Each element is evenly spaced, with a calm color scheme that aids in distinguishing pieces of information.

The slide has a clean and professional visual design, utilizing a color scheme that contrasts well to differentiate between elements. The use of icons, charts, and bullet points offers an organized approach to presenting data and related commentary.

Use Cases

  • Presenting monthly sales data and comparing it to predetermined targets during a business review meeting.
  • Showcasing marketing campaign metrics over a quarterly period in a marketing presentation.
  • Analyzing financial performance and variances from expected results, such as in a budget meeting.
  • Displaying production metrics or project milestones in a project management update.

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