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Top 5 Competitors Evaluation Matrix
from deck Annual Report Company Performance Presentation (PPT Template)

Top 5 Competitors Evaluation Matrix

Slide Content:

The slide is titled "Top 5 Competitors Evaluation Matrix" and serves as a benchmarking tool, providing a comparative analysis of a company's top five competitors. It lists the competitors alongside key metrics such as Points of Sale (POS), Revenue in billions, Market Share percentage, EBIT percentage, and a column for Differentiators, which could include unique selling points like 'Low prices' or a 'Top class CRM system'.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide features a structured table with five rows, each representing a competitor.
  • Icons placed above the table columns illustrate the categories: a store for POS, a bag of money for Revenue, a pie chart for Market Share, a money bag with a percentage sign for EBIT, and a heart for Differentiator.
  • Each row of the table has a light blue background, with the competitor names highlighted by a darker blue tab that protrudes to the left.
  • The table headers are in a bolder font, with the icons in a matching color scheme of blues and greens.
  • The overall slide background is white, with the title in a large, bold font at the top.

Overall, the slide has a clean and organized look, utilizing a color scheme of blue and green to categorize and emphasize the data. The icons add a visual element to aid in quickly identifying the metrics.

Use Cases:

This slide would be ideal for use in:

  • Strategic business meetings to analyze market competition.
  • Investor presentations to showcase competitive positioning.
  • Marketing strategy sessions to discuss differentiation strategies.
  • Sales team briefings to understand competitive sales landscapes.

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