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Townhall Meeting Outline Icons Set – General
from deck Company Town Hall Meeting Presentation (PPT Template)

Townhall Meeting Outline Icons Set – General

Slide Content: The slide presents a series of icons related to general topics that could be discussed in a townhall meeting. It includes icons for "Rocket" (representing innovation or new projects), "Light bulb" (symbolizing ideas or inspiration), "Laptop" (online activities or information technology), "Smartphone" and "Telephone" (communication methods), "Newspaper" (news or updates), "Tools" (maintenance or manual work), "Handshake" (agreements or partnerships), "Stop, Ban, Caution" (warnings or prohibited actions), "Blockade" (barriers or impediments), "Warning" (alerts or important notices), "Palette" (creativity or design), "Samples" (examples or demonstrations), "Range" (variety or scope), "Specifications" (detailed descriptions), "Brochure" (information or promotional material). Each icon serves as a visual representation for these different concepts.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide background is divided diagonally between a white upper part and a dark blue lower part.
  • The title is displayed in black text in the upper left-hand side of the slide.
  • A series of 12 outline-style icons are evenly distributed in a grid layout in the white area.
  • Each icon has a corresponding label beneath it in grey text.
  • On the right, there is a larger dark blue area with a contrasting label "Fully editable icons" in white and turquoise text.
  • Four colorful outline representations of hands in various colors (white, orange, blue, and green) are arranged on the dark blue background, with one larger white hand icon inside a circle centered below them.
  • All icons and representations have a clean and minimalistic line style.

The slide has a modern and minimalistic design that uses simple line icons and a visually appealing color contrast. The clear delineation of space makes the content easy to distinguish and understand.

Use Cases:

  • Use Cases:

  • To visually summarize the agenda or key discussion points in a townhall meeting.

  • To enhance audience engagement by using recognizable visuals when presenting different topics.
  • For presenters to quickly reference various topics without textual descriptions during the meeting.
  • To provide a template for meeting minutes or follow-up documents, aligning each agenda item with its icon.

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