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Train Infographics Icons Set – Levels & Stages
from deck Train Presentation Graphics (PowerPoint Template)

Train Infographics Icons Set – Levels & Stages

Slide Content: The slide appears to detail a set of infographic icons representing different levels and stages of development in a stylized format. The icons include a progressive series of Lego bricks, illustrating a stack, a toy building block set tower with three stages, and plant growing stages from seed to green leaves with four distinct levels. Additionally, there is a train with a locomotive and wagons also presented in four levels, signifying various phases or steps. Each icon set serves as a metaphor for development, growth, and progression in different contexts, such as project stages, learning levels, or business growth phases.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide has a dark blue background with a lighter blue banner across the top.
  • A white text title is located in the top banner, using a clean sans-serif font.
  • The icons are arranged in rows and columns, appearing evenly spaced.
  • The first row presents four Lego brick icons, each representing an increasing number of layers.
  • The second row depicts stages of plant growth, with four icons showing progression from a seedling to a fully leafed-out plant.
  • The third row features four train icons in different compositions: a railway car, two railway cars, a railway car with a locomotive, and a high-speed train.
  • The selected plant icon is highlighted in a circular frame amidst other monochromatic icons.
  • Slight shadows beneath the icons give a subtle sense of depth.
  • The bottom right suggests additional icons are available and encourages checking the website, with a rectangle and stylized text.

The slide uses a clean and modern design with minimalistic icons that effectively communicate stages and levels. This visual style is conducive to clear and quick interpretation of the depicted concepts.

Use Cases:

  • Exhibiting stages of a business project or product development in a corporate presentation.
  • Visualizing different levels of educational programs or training modules.
  • Demonstrating growth in a startup pitch to investors, using the plant - Explaining the progression of service offerings or expansion plans in a business strategy meeting.

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