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Two Products Comparison Tables, Stylized Header and Price Tag
from deck Business PowerPoint Table Design & KPI List, Flat Style (PPT Template)

Two Products Comparison Tables, Stylized Header and Price Tag

Slide Content

The slide showcases a comparison between two products, Product A and Product B. Both products are presented in a table format with three sections each. Each product has a space for a title, description or features, and a price tag. Product A is priced at $100 and Product B at $150. The layout is designed for clear visualization of differences and similarities between the product offerings, making it easy to compare key attributes and prices at a glance.

Graphical Look

  • Two large parallelogram shapes side by side, one in light blue representing Product A, and the other in light orange representing Product B.
  • Each parallelogram has three rows: a header with the product title, a larger area for product description, and a smaller area for the price tag at the bottom.
  • The header row for Product A is dark blue, and the one for Product B is dark orange, providing a color-coded contrast to the rest of their respective shapes.
  • A stylized hexagon shape at the top of each product section, with an icon inside - a shield for Product A and a gear for Product B.
  • Price tags are designed to look like inverted tags with the prices clearly displayed within: $100 for Product A and $150 for Product B.
  • The slide background is white, providing a clean backdrop that emphasizes the colored shapes and content.

The overall look of the slide is modern and professional, using geometric shapes and a contrasting color scheme to differentiate between the two product options. The visual elements are laid out in a manner that's easy to follow and aesthetically pleasing.

Use Cases

  • Comparing different product offerings or plans in sales presentations to highlight the best option for the customer.
  • Showcasing the features and pricing of competing products in a market analysis meeting.
  • Presenting upgrade options or additional service packages to existing clients during business review meetings.
  • Using in training materials to educate sales teams on the unique selling points and advantages of different products or services in the company's portfolio.

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