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Water color SmartArt Vertical Equation Diagram pptx
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SmartArt Vertical Equation Diagram with Watercolor Filling

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide titled "SmartArt Vertical Equation Diagram with Watercolor Filling" represents a vertical equation where "Item 1" plus "Item 2" equals "Item 3". Each item is depicted with a watercolor blob background, suggesting a creative process or flow. "Item 1" and "Item 2" are likely inputs or elements that combine to result in "Item 3", which is a larger, more significant outcome.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a simple and artistic design with a white background.
  • At the top, the slide title uses a casual, sans-serif font.
  • Three watercolor paint blobs, in green, blue, and purple, provide colorful backdrops for text labels.
  • "Item 1" sits on the green blob to the left, "Item 2" on the blue blob below it, while "Item 3" is on the larger purple blob to the right.
  • Gray icons represent mathematical symbols: a plus sign between "Item 1" and "Item 2", and an equals sign pointing towards "Item 3".
  • The blobs are irregularly shaped, emulating a hand-painted watercolor effect.
  • The text on each blob is centered and likely in a bold, readable font to stand out against the watercolor textures.

The overall look of the slide is creative and soft, utilizing the visual appeal of watercolor textures to represent a conceptual process or relationship. The choice of colors and watercolor provides a gentle and artistic contrast to the stark geometry of the mathematical symbols.

Use Cases

  • To visualize the combination of ideas or resources leading to a new concept or project outcome.
  • For illustrating synergistic relationships in a team presentation or business strategy session.
  • To represent stages in a creative process during a workshop on innovation.
  • In marketing presentations to show brand elements combining to form a unique value proposition. I'm sorry, but the image you're referring to is not available. If you can provide the image again, I would be happy to describe it for you.

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