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Yearly Calendar Table of Marketing Activities
from deck Creative Presentation Tables and KPI Outline Design (PPT Template)

Yearly Calendar Table of Marketing Activities

Slide Content

The slide presents a yearly calendar table designed to outline marketing activities. It spans across 12 columns, each representing a month with Roman numerals as headers. The table reveals four key marketing areas: 'Advertising campaigns', 'Promotion', 'Sales support', and 'New products', each accompanied by a representative icon and highlighted in its own row. Within the grid, symbolic icons are placed to visually specify when each type of marketing activity is scheduled. This comprehensive overview is instrumental in planning and tracking marketing initiatives throughout the year.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a white background with a light blue grid overlay.
  • Each column is headed by a Roman numeral I-XII enclosed in colored tabs alternating in blue, green, orange, and yellow.
  • Rows are labeled on the left side, with each marketing activity written in a bold font and paired with a distinct icon.
  • 'Advertising campaigns' has a megaphone icon.
  • 'Promotion' is represented by a price tag icon.
  • 'Sales support' features a handshake icon.
  • 'New products' shows a star icon.
  • Icons representing activities are variously placed in the grid cells, suggesting the timing of each marketing effort.
  • The advertising icon is a computer monitor with a graph.
  • The promotion icon is a megaphone with music notes.
  • The sales support icon resembles an open gift box.
  • The new product icon is a box with an upward arrow, resembling a product launch.

The slide is neatly organized with a minimalist design accentuating the yearly marketing plan's structure. The use of icons and color-coding provides visual cues to facilitate a quick understanding of the schedule.

Use Cases

  • To present an annual marketing strategy and scheduled activities to stakeholders.
  • For internal team meetings to align marketing efforts and ensure cross-departmental synergy.
  • As a reference in quarterly reviews to evaluate the effectiveness and timing of past marketing activities and adjust future plans.
  • To visually communicate the planning and distribution of marketing resources throughout the year.

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