3D Cube Box Diagram (PPT Template)


24 diagrams, 20 icons (28 slides)

Package description

Well-known Rubik’s cube or 3D cube graphics are a handy visual to show complexity, order and structure. Use it to present 3d spatial location, a business model with 3 categories such as RFM segmentation or OLAP data structure. We’ve designed several versions of 3D Cube graphics in several views, to help you enrich your presentation slides. All boxes are easy to modify. Feel free to adapt texts and shapes to your needs.

The 3D Cube Diagrams PowerPoint template contains:

  • 24 diagrams and slide layouts with box shapes in various combinations (as list, vertical, horizontal or centric core layers, mesh grid of a cube)
  • flat infographics style that looks modern and professional. This style is well readable
  • set of 20 icons (extendable) to present several business concepts such as Team, Care, Institution, Value, Regulation, Strategy, Process Energy, Connection and Discussion
  • instruction how to modify those cubic shape diagrams using PowerPoint editing tools
  • Format: fully editable vector shapes (modify colors of diagrams and icons, resize without quality loss

3D Boxes Shapes and Cube Structure diagrams: Why to use them in as a presentation visual?

Illustration of a cube object in 3d perspective is good presentation visual to represent a multidimensional relationship of several categories. This structure can represent a system in order, a synergy of pieces creating a complete box, or location of an abstract object in 3 dimensions.

How to use 3d Cube shapes in a presentation

Here are examples where you can apply those cube diagrams:
  • Present a client segmentation using 3 variables such as RFM (based Recency, Frequency, Monetary variables)
  • Show an integrity - of a system composed of smaller elements in proper place, creating a bigger whole
  • Express a perfect order, by this cubic crystal structure
  • Create a fancy looking list infographics, with items as a cube elements
  • OLAP data warehouse structure with 3 dimensions, typically Product, Time and Geographic location of e.g regional product sales over some period.
  • Present a location of an object in a 3D space (real or abstract one).
3D Cube Diagrams contains ready-to-use slides:
  1. Example 3D cubes design illustrating company core values: teamwork, commitment,mutual respect, integrity
  2. 3D horizontally and vertically cube slide for three and four layers with modern flat symbols
  3. 3D cubes slide showing the building process slide with description tables
  4. RMF cubic diagram intended to show clients segmentation divided by recency, frequency, value categories
  5. OLAP data warehouse cube illustration emphasizing geography, product and period dimensions
  6. List for 6 layers designed with 3D cubes infographics with text placeholders
  7. Template of 4 layers core 3D cube diagram with flat icons in colorful circles
  8. Three dimensional cube slide for 2 levels with axes and colourful flat icons
  9. Two-, three stages transparent 3 dimensional cube graphics with description notes on the side
  10. Three-, four levels flat 3 dimensional cube diagram with axes and flat icons design
  11. 3D box elements slide for 6 items with flat icons and description boxes
  12. List diagram designed for 6 elements with human icons in shape of 3D cube boxes style
  13. Timeline template for 6 events with text placeholders styled with 3D boxes design
  14. Four items list of steps illustrated with 3D boxes design on the dark background
  15. List of steps for six elements depicted with 3D boxes style
  16. Pyramid hierarchy design for 4 levels with flat symbols shaped with 3D cubes
  17. Hierarchy of business brand needs slide presenting strategic differentiation, revenue growth, regulatory compliance parts
  18. List diagram for 6 items with 2D cube mesh design
  19. Six items slide shaped with mesh diagram intended to show an example of a good contract
Consider using those PowerPoint charts to replace text bullets in your slides.

All graphics are editable, so you can modify the colors and text. We added also a general icon collection at the end of the presentation deck. Optionally you can also extend the collection by more PPT symbols (see Related Diagrams section).

Photographs are included in the template. You can easily replace them as well by pictures of your own.

Fully editable in PowerPoint set of vector shapes fully editable by using built-in PowerPoint tools, including

  • change color of all shapes filling and its outline, including icons
  • adding shadows
  • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
  • putting shapes behind or on top of text
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.
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