Flat Multicolor Icons for Business Infographics (PPT vector symbols)


300 color flat icons (75 slides)

Package description

Extensive library of 300 flat multi-color business icons that you can use to create modern infographic presentation. All symbols are vector symbols inside PowerPoint file. You can apply those symbols to illustrate your agenda items, planning presentations and data charts categories.

Icons are grouped into 7 topics:

  • Management and Corporate;
  • Banking, Finance, and Investments;
  • Communication and Marketing;
  • Education and E-learning;
  • Digital Media, Technologies, Social Networking, and SEO;
  • Web Development and Design;
  • Data and Informatics symbols.

Why use Flat Multicolor Icons?

Flat Multicolor icons bundle will serve as a tool for creating a professional presentation. Illustrating the specific key concepts by icons will help your audience to focus on important parts. Business symbols will help to visualize a large amount of data without clutter on a slide.

You can use flat multicolor icons serve for presenting specific topics and creating interesting, modern and Professional-looking slides.

How to use Flat Multicolor Icons for Business Infographics:

You can change color, remove an element inside a specific image, put icons behind or on the top of other shapes or text boxes, resize without losing image quality - edges will remain sharp even if you zoom icon to full slide.

Content description:

Flat Multicolor Icons for Business Infographics contains ready-to-use modern symbols dedicated to the following topics:

  • Management and Corporate pics library with symbols for meeting, HR staff, workplace, budget or schedule:
    • Teamwork, Global Business, Career Ladder, Recruitment, Staff Management
    • Office Building, Presentation, Professional Skills, Meeting, Business Growth
    • Mission, HR Recruiting CV, Staff Efficiency, Online Consulting, Leadership
    • Workplace, Speech, Manager, Brainstorming, Time Management
    • Address Book, Production, Value, Goals, Growing Company
    • Statistics, Briefcase, Documents, Partnership, Presentation
    • Budget Calculator, International Business, Market Analysis, Trends, Investment Search
    • Business Management Planning, Schedule, Deadline, Solution, Planning, Business Idea
  • Banking, Finance and Investments pictures:
    • Safe Deposit, Card Payment, Accounting, Bank, Mobile Banking
    • Secure Transactions, Our Offices, Wallet, Savings, Financial Statement
    • SMS Transactions, Check Payment, Loan, Currency Exchange, Cash
    • Investment, Digital Money, Insurance, Internet Banking, Growing Income
    • Return of Investment, Decision, Financial Management, Making Money, Stock Market
    • Smart Solutions, Contract, Vision, Growth, Money Flow
    • Funding Platform, Time Efficiency, Venture Capital, Invoice, Income
    • Market Research, Investment Ideas, Distance Control, Analytics, Stability
  • Icons for Communication equipment and Marketing:
    • Email, Mobile Devices, Conversation, Wireless Antenna, Global Network
    • Local Area Network, Megaphone, Telephone, Newspaper, Social Media
    • Connect to Cloud, GPS Navigation, Radio, Satellite Communication, Online Conference
    • Live Stream, Television, Video Chat, Free Wi-Fi Area, RSS Feed
    • Television ADS, Newsletter, Customer Survey, Inbox Message, Promotion
    • SMS Marketing, Advertisement, Leaflet Marketing, Business Card, MLM Marketing
    • Sponsored Ads, Email Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Digital Marketing, Billboard
    • Public Relations, Focus Group, Live Events, Direct Marketing, Radio Advertising
  • Education and E-learning symbols:
    • Online University, Search of Knowledge, Online Tests, Questions and Answers, Audio Books
    • Webinar, Research, Education Apps, Distance Education, Education for All
    • Video Lessons, Online Graduation, Digital Library, Study Program, Professional Training
    • Online Courses, E-Learning, Blended Learning, Tutorials, Smart Idea
    • Online Education, Know-How, Group Class, Learn to Think, Smart Solution
    • Teaching, Books Reading, Notebook, Adventure, Basic Knowledge
    • University, Knowledge Growth, Certificate, Learning Tools, Best Grade
    • Studying, Graduation, E-books, Favorite Lessons, Creative Learning
  • Digital Media, Technologies, Social Networking and SEO infographic icons:
    • Video Marketing, Marketing Solutions, Pay per Click, Search Results, Copywriting
    • Effective Keywording, Promo Site, Digital Campaign, Sales Funnel, Research and Analytics
    • Mobile Marketing, News, Blog Management, Advertising Campaign, Viral Marketing
    • Signboard, Conversion Marketing, Email Marketing, Location Targeting, Banners
    • Appreciation, Conversation, Free Wi-Fi Hotspot, Follow Us, Email Message
    • Chatting, Find Your Friends, Content Sharing, Social Network, Love
    • Multimedia, Contact List, Blogging, Male Avatar, Female Avatar
    • Link, Video Communication, Social Group, Cloud Storage, Discussion Forum
    • Link Building, Page Speed Optimization, Local SEO, Website Ranking, SEO Audit
    • Hosting, Search Process, Bookmarks, SEO Tags, Analytics
    • Code Optimization, Keyword Search, Web Security, Pay per Click, Blogging
    • Landing Page, Customer Review, Data Management, Anchor Text, Target Audience
  • Web Development and Design symbols:
    • Video Production, Prototyping, Design Ideas, API Interface, Coding
    • Web Design, App Development, Color Balance, Design Studio, Precision
    • Sketching, Tools, Logo Design, Digital Drawing, 3D Modeling
    • Vector Illustration, Creative Solution, Idea Visualization, Project Planning, Graphics Software
    • Blueprint, Error Page, Design, Web Analytics, Responsive Design
    • Development, Coding, API Interface, Content, Usability Evaluation
    • UI/UX Development, Wireframe, Account Login, Navigation, Quality
    • Performance, Domain, A/B Testing, Home Page, Tech Service
  • Images representing Data and Informatics:
    • Data Structure, File Management, System Monitoring, Data Sharing, Distributed Database
    • Update, Database Architecture, File Processing, Download Folder, Save to Cloud
    • Server Rack, Search Optimizations, Tech Service, Big Data, Protection
    • Backup and Recovery, Data Storage, Unstructured Data, Plug-In, ZIP Folder
    • Access Denied, Distributed Database, Settings, Global Network, Connection Error
    • Data Processing, LAN, Hosting, Data Transfer, Content Sharing
    • Network Security, Cloud Computing, Network Folder, Search, Syncing
    • Routing, Hardware, Backup System, Wireless Connection, Cloud Storage

Sharp and editable vector shapes you can change using built-in PowerPoint tools including
  • changing color of the inside elements
  • removing inside element (ungroup 1st)
  • resizing without loosing image quality - edges will remain sharp even if you zoom icon to full slide
  • rotating, flipping the icons
  • putting icons behind or on top of other shapes or text boxes. Icons are transparent.
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.

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