Flat Infographic Templates Design Bundle (PPT diagrams and icons)


211 diagrams, 83 flat icons (233 slides)

Package description

Infographics PowerPoint template with modern flat design editable diagrams and vector icons.

  • 211 editable diagrams: lists, matrix, puzzle diagrams, table designs, KPI placeholders, comparison diagrams, Timelines, Steps...
  • 83 flat icon symbols to be used in infographics (extendable)
  • fully editable table style, size and colors

Flat design infographic PowerPoint templates set for creating simple infographics in modern style. Bundle of various PPT editable diagram types and vector icon symbols
Predesigned graphics for showing
  • Lists diagrams: Horizontal list, vertical ribbon list, list with flat icons, hexagons list, windows 8 tile list
  • Ordered lists, sequence diagrams: skew list, circle list, diagonal list, flat rounded 3f ribbon, parallel item list, chain flow schema
  • Central list diagrams: central list, rectangular diagrams, rings diagram, circuits plan list, pentagon round icons,
  • Timeline diagrams: horizontal timeline, monthly timeline, directional monthly timeline, arrow timeline
  • Key data presentation, KPI diagrams: full fill circles key data points, bar chart, pie chart, double circle chart, statistics people data,
  • Comparison diagrams: vertical comparison, comparison schema umbrella cover,
  • set of flat icon symbols for infographics: man, computer, document, thumbs up, smartphone, tablet, cloud, bulb, magnifier, woman, calendar, arrow, file, note, box
  • table designs: before after comparison charsts, pricelist table, financial data chart, increase / decrease trends table, status table with harvey balls or moon icons, creative blackboard table, brainstormin idea evaluation table
  • Infographics are a vital part of any successful content business strategy. Presenting your content in the form of graphics can easily boost engagement and make your content go expanding. The Flat Infographic Templates collection is a pleasant combination of lists, matrices, steps, funnels, timelines, enumerations and more diagrams. All the infographics included are eye-catchy, juicy and designed to convey your message in a fun, beautiful way. Creating shareable informative pieces of content will be effortless with these infographic templates.

    Flat Infographic Templates contain ready-to-use modern diagrams, and charts illustrated with symbols dedicated to the following topics:

    • List title diagram, flat ribbon list, agenda title list, various charts, project plan list, flat 3D box list diagram, flat helix diagram, 5 features list simple circle diagram
    • Diagram List Ribbon: with icons, with text box, with colorful text box
    • Key focus list for three-,four-, five-, ten items: with icons, color text boxes, two sided text boxes, cascade upwards text holders, 2 rows opposite set boxes
    • Teardrop diagram list for four-, five-, ten items: with icons, color text boxes, two sided text boxes, cascade upwards text holders, 2 rows opposite set boxes, two rows with icons
    • Flat strip list for four-, five-, ten items: with icons, color text boxes, two sided text boxes, two rows with colorful icons
    • Pointy rectangle list for three-,four-, five-, ten items: with icons, color text boxes, two sided text boxes, cascade upwards text holders, cascade downward text holders, two rows with icons, 2 rows opposite set text boxes

    Steps diagrams:

    • Increasing three-, four-, seven steps staircase diagram
    • Circle waterfall four-, five-, seven steps diagram
    • Stairs with arrow step for three-, four-, seven levels
    • Chevron steps diagram for three-, four-, seven levels
    • Three-, four steps diagram textbox

    Timelines and sequence diagrams:

    • Vertical ribbon
    • Teardrop and arrow timeline for six items/vertical
    • Teardrop style diagram for four-, nine items with icons
    • Teardrop and line timeline for three-, seven items
    • Full teardrops with event textboxes for three items
    • Chevrons timeline for three-, eight items with icons
    • Zigzag line timeline for seven-, eight items with icons
    • Zigzag chain timeline for six items with icons
    • Strip and line timeline for five items with icons/with theme picture
    • Ribbon timeline for six items with two monocolor rows and with monthly calendar textboxes
    • Timeline with rounded callouts for seven items
    • Yearly timeline with rounded callouts for four items
    • Bookmark ribbon timeline with textbox, outlined circles timeline with textboxes, simple rectangles timeline with callouts, full circles timeline, timeline puzzle diagram

    Enumeration lists:

    • Three-puzzle linear vertical/horizontal diagram
    • Loop cycle diagram for six multicolor steps
    • Agenda list for six (colorful) items(adjustable)
    • Parallelogram diagram for six colorful items/ Parallelogram Sequence diagram
    • Three steps flat circle illustration

    Comparison diagram:

    • Comparing 2 items: ribbon diagram/ two color icon diagram
    • Comparing 3 items with teardrop diagram
    • Comparison table/comparison tables for three columns/ before-after comparison table, comparison umbrella diagram

    Matrix diagrams:

    • Square ribbon matrix
    • Colourful 2x2 matrix
    • Matrix diagram with text field
    • Puzzle matrix square diagram
    • Butterfly matrix
    • 3D boxes 2x2 matrix
    • SWOT matrix

    Flat Puzzle shapes:

    • Four-, six puzzle pieces: with rectangle diagram, diamond diagram(open/closed), square diagram, circle diagram
    • Three-puzzle pieces: with circle diagram, pyramid diagram(flat/with text fields)
    • Puzzle elements for creating your own diagrams
    • Puzzle set twelve-, nine pieces
    • Four-pieces puzzle square diagram

    Funnel diagrams:

    • Four-, five-, six Funnel
    • Semi transparent Funnel for three-, four-, five objects
    • Flat three-, four-, five-, six level Funnel
    • Landscape Funnel, Sales Funnel -Lead Filtering
    • Landscape Triangle Funnel for five-, six pieces
    • Landscape Triangle Arrow Funnel for five-, six pieces

    Flat table design:

    • Project status table with OK/Not OK/Warning signs shaped with colour and harvey balls
    • Four-column titles table with icons
    • Yearly financial summary table
    • Product features table for three-, four items
    • Colorful arrows table design with icons and marker/with quarters, icons and marker
    • Trend and status table with up/down signs
    • Table for longer cell descriptions and highlight marker
    • Numerous rows table with colour grouping and marker
    • Table with ribbon title
    • Triangle design table shaped with one style/with one color and summary notes/one color and cells marker
    • Stripe design table with multicolor rows
    All shapes can be edited using PowerPoint set of vector shapes fully editable by using built-in PPT tools, including
    • changing color of the icon filling and its outline
    • adding shadows
    • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
    • putting shapes behind or on top of text
    See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.


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