Creative Kanban Boards for Project Management (PPT icons & tables template)


14 boards, 94 icons (26 slides)

Package description

Unique hand drawn style Kanban boards PowerPoint template with boards, chalk icons and charcoal diagram shapes. Use these PPT graphics to present your Agile Project Management in a creative personal way. The Kanban template contains:

  • 14 predesigned Kanban tables: empty board, predefined board with development stages in 3 color versions
  • over 90 hand drawn icons
  • hand drawn diagram shapes
  • fully editable style, size and color in PowerPoint (vector format)

Content: Kanban boards templates for PowerPoint

  • Three columns Kanban board (To Do, Ongoing, Done) with task cards on a white- and blackboard.
  • Four columns Kanban board (backlog, to do, ongoing, done) with sticky notes on navy background and blackboard.
  • Eight columns Kanban board (backlog, to do, development ongoing, development done, testing ongoing, testing done, deployment, done) in the following versions: with task cards, story swimlanes, simple blank, white- and blackboard.
  • Kanban specific icons: postit memo, team members, memo markers, pins, range.
  • General shapes: single chalk arrows, wide arrows, frames, swim lanes lines, highlight circles, markers, move sign, miscellaneous symbols (Ok, Not Ok, In Progress, Analyze, Repair).

How is the Kanban board used?

Kanban board is the easiest and most effective tool if you can meet with your team in one place. However, if you need to document, reproduce or share your Kanban tasks, you can use one of the software applications that are on the market (Leankit, Kanbanize, or you can also use general task management apps like Trello, to name a few).

You can also keep Kanban on a computer is to use common Office applications, like PowerPoint or Excel to note down or present Kanban board. That's why we designed graphics template with Kanban cards and tables you can use to manage your project with this Agile methodology.

How to use the PowerPoint Kanban board graphics?

Create a Kanban whiteboard table with task distribution, add icons to show tasks dynamics. You can also make elegant printable Kanban boards - save your PowerPoint Kanban into PDF and share or print it in large format.

Kanban board application examples

  • For Software development - the most typical use of Kanban boards in the IT sector.
  • As graphic design projects management.
  • As Personal Task Management - Kanban can be used not only for professional activities but also private planning. There are Kanban apps also for kids, thanks to the visual form it’s good form attractive to youngsters.
  • As Agile Project Management method for practically any product development.

Fully editable in PowerPoint set of vector shapes fully editable by using built-in PowerPoint tools, including
  • adding text inside icons
  • changing fill color (plain fill, gradient fill, setting transparency)
  • changing contour color
  • adding shadows
  • changing shape and size
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.
About Kanban methodology

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