Roadmap Diagram Templates for Project Strategy Planning (PPT icons and images)


27 infographics + 27 icons (33 slides)

Package description

Presentation template with various roadmap diagrams and timeline infographics for creating strategy and project plans. Using editable roadmap shapes you can easily show long-term milestones or present a project objectives or stages over a year.

  • roadmap slides with picture background
  • modern flat infographics roadmap shapes with flat signs
  • timeline diagrams for roadmap project planning
  • extendable set of flat icons for infographics
  • fully editable style, size and colors

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Set of diagrams for roadmap infographics made in Powerpoint. Template with predesigned road map diagrams for illustrating

  • long-term strategy with yearly milestones
  • project stages
  • project milestone
  • mid-term monthly project plans
  • roadmaps including various department planning
  • extendable set of flat icon symbols for infographics
  • fully editable style, size and colors

Package content:

  • Roadmaps with pictures, for yearly description of your product
  • Quater descriptions available in different colors
  • Roadmaps for description of year goals
  • Steps and stages of your project
  • Descrition of project phases
  • Roadmap infographics for several projects
  • Target roadmap
  • Past and Future Projects status path direction sign image
  • Skyline pathway departments roadmap flat infographics
  • Four and six aims milestones roadmap infographics
  • Circular 6 steps roadmap arrow timeline diagram
  • Linear 5 stages roadmap icon signs timeline
  • Linear project plan roadmap arrow – four and nine stages
  • Nine steps timeline roadmap with signpost icons
  • Eight steps timeline roadmap flat chain infographics
  • Monthly plan roadmap timeline dotted arrow
  • Monthly project plan roadmap timeline
  • Fully editable roadmap illustration icons

Fully editable vector shapes by using built-in PowerPoint tools (vector format), including
  • changing contour color of the icon
  • changing color of the scribble filling
  • adding shadows
  • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
  • putting shapes behind or on top of text
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.
Content and design: Izabela Zvirinska

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