Modern Flat Diagrams - Ultimate Bundle for Visual Presentations (PPT graphics)


225 diagrams, 92 icons (263 slides)

Package description

Do you want to make your slides readable and distinguishable? Use simple yet modern graphics to replace text bullet-points. Apply diagrams to show structures and dependencies visually. Add flow charts to illustrate timelines and procedures. We have designed this comprehensive premium graphics collection of presentation visuals that you can quickly modify in PowerPoint. Diagrams cover various types of information - be it a list, procedure, map, KPI data or hierarchy.

This Premium slide deck contains hundreds of PowerPoint layouts including:

  • 225 diagrams for presenting all basic diagram types (lists, structures, hierarchies), data charts, tables, maps and business concepts visual metaphors. You can find there layout templates for comparisons, organizational structures, list enumerations, branching arrow, cycles, funnels, roadmaps, matrices or puzzle graphics.
  • Universal style of all graphics - simple flat fill that is modern, clear and strongly visual.
  • 92 icons in two styles - outline symbols for a light elegant feel and simple flat symbols that are well recognizable also when icons are small. Icons cover general business concepts such as Strategy & Processes pictures - e.g. Brain, Thinking, Thought Exchange, Feedback, Research, Product box, Status Indicators, Achievements, and various people silhouettes.
  • Instruction how to modify those diagrams and icons using standard PowerPoint editing tools.
  • Format: fully editable vector shapes (modify colors of diagrams and icons, resize without quality loss)

What is a diagram?

Diagrams are a form of visualizing qualitative information by simple shapes (arrows, rectangles, circles). Diagram expresses relations such as dependency, inclusion, hierarchy, and symbolic location of concepts. Examples are Venn diagram - overlapping circles that show common parts on various concepts; flow chart representing stages, or abstract map expressing organization hierarchy.

Where you can use the diagram visuals?

You can use diagram shapes for pretty every type of content - listing, sequence information, showing relationships among objects. Besides the presentation graphics, the same diagrams can be used in text documents, reports or as part of data sheet illustrations. InfoDiagram graphics can be imported to Word, Excel, Google Docs or Keynote as well. Here are some examples where you can apply those diagrams:
  • Replace text bullet-point list of features by list diagram
  • Present visually the steps of a process or plan..
  • Express synergy between solutions - show common interest areas as overlapping parts of Venn diagram
  • Visualize history timeline by chevron arrows diagram.
  • Represent financial data by infographics data charts.
  • Make your tables look more attractive by applying table column and row graphics
  • Present the product strategy roadmap by infographics picture.
  • Compare pluses and minuses of several product options.
  • Illustrate business concepts such as a company vision, gap analysis bridge.

Modern Flat Ultimate Diagrams collection contains ready-to-use graphics dedicated to the following topics:

Enumerations diagrams and ordered lists:

  • List diagram for four columns with headers
  • Modern lightbulb list diagram for four elements
  • List of four elements with paint brush stroke header
  • Left-right list for four items with description boxes
  • Flat 3D box list diagram for five elements
  • Five elements enumeration with textboxes
  • Five columns list infographics with longer descriptions
  • Lock and keyhole infographic for six points with icons
  • Paint buckets diagram with list of six elements
  • Vertical process diagram with gears for six elements
  • Hexagon list diagram with main header for six elements
  • Flat arrows list of six elements
  • Big items list template for six elements
  • Flat ribbon vertical list diagram for six items and commentary box
  • Hexagon points two column list for seven elements
  • Flat circle strip list for eight items and two rows
  • Pointy rectangles list for ten items and two rows
  • Squares mosaic diagram slide
  • Flat ribbon comparison list for twelve items and two column
  • Honeycomb list diagram for fourten elements

Agenda and TOC templates:

  • Agenda template with photo
  • Agenda bullet points template with side graphics
  • Table of content template for text bullet points
  • Long agenda list template with two column bullet points

Comparisons diagrams slide:

  • Scales comparison diagram for five elements
  • Comparison diagram with two textboxes: growth versus costs symbols
  • Two categories comparison: product cost vs innovation
  • Pluses versus minuses: evaluation slide
  • Ups and downs depicted with hourglass diagram
  • Double balance diagram of pros and cons
  • Content comparison table with three and four columns with checkmarks
  • Comparing two items with double column graphics

Structures diagrams and key terms listings:

  • Key terms list for six category elements with explanation box
  • Two pillars with roof ancient structure diagram
  • Five pillars infographics diagram
  • Single pillar diagram with detail description
  • Double return flow interaction diagram with six items

Venn diagrams for intersection and synergy:

  • Venn diagram template with two intersecting circles
  • Three overlapping circles intersections with venn diagram
  • Venn diagram template for three circles
  • Three items synergy diagram with description boxes
  • Three combined items diagram with description box
  • Three intersections focus depicted with venn diagram
  • Venn diagram for four and five circles with textboxes
  • Fan intersection diagram for four and six elements

Central list diagrams:

  • Head graphics diagram
  • Circle diagram for three elements
  • Circle diagram for three elements with comment box
  • Central orbits and satellites infographics
  • Four components circular diagram
  • Shutter circle fragments diagram for four phases
  • Central flat banners list diagram for 4+1 items
  • Four categories diamond diagram
  • Central puzzle diagram for 4+1 items
  • Jigsaw puzzle diagram for five items with commentary field
  • Orbit diagram with planets and moon suborbit
  • Orbit shape centric circles illustration for five elements
  • Pentagon star circular diagram with five segments
  • Shutter circle fragments diagram for six phases
  • Idea analysis flat mind map slide
  • Central two column list infographics
  • Teardrop shape centric diagram for six items with description
  • Teardrop shape centric diagram for six items
  • Solar system-like orbit infographics for six items
  • Shutter circle fragments diagram for eight phases
  • Pizza circle diagram for eight items

Matrix diagrams:

  • Two dimension square ribbon matrix
  • Colorful simple 2 x 2 matrix graphics
  • Simple matrix diagram with text description
  • Gear matrix diagram with four numbered elements
  • Comparing four ideas on segmented light bulb graphics
  • Key shape graphic for four synergic elements
  • Puzzle matrix square for two column layout
  • Butterfly matrix graphics for four items
  • 3D boxes 2x2 matrix infographics
  • Complementary matrix layout with circle jigsaw puzzle

Puzzle shapes diagrams for integrity:

  • Three-puzzle circle diagram
  • Three-puzzle triangle diagram
  • Four-puzzle circle quadrants diagram
  • Four-pieces closed puzzle square diagram
  • Four-pieces puzzle rectangle diagram
  • Four-puzzle closed jigsaw pieces diamond diagram
  • Four and six open jigsaw puzzle shapes diamond diagram
  • Closed set of nine puzzle pieces: completeness diagram

Hierarchy diagrams and layers:

  • Circle layered diagram for three elements
  • Hierarchy of three elements depicted with 3D cubes pyramid
  • Sphere central layers diagram slide with four levels
  • Dartboard layers graphics with four text fields
  • 3D stack cascaded layers diagram
  • Multi-level creative pyramid with four layers
  • Iceberg infographics template slide
  • 3D blocks pyramid with five levels
  • Pyramid for five layers with flat 3D effect
  • Six layers category descriptions pyramid
  • 3D layers list diagram with eight items

Branching flow diagrams:

  • Core,tree trunk and five branches list infographics
  • Triple branching arrow diagram
  • Quintuple output block arrow diagram
  • Pipe flow diagram fork out into five outputs
  • Pipe converging diagram for five inputs into output
  • Horizontal arrows with splitting to five items
  • Branching out tree arrows diagram

Org charts and hierarchy decision tree diagrams:

  • Flat ribbon organizational chart template
  • Horizontal chevrons organizational structure chart
  • Organizational matrix chart: horizontal projects
  • Organizational matrix chart: vertical projects
  • Matrix structure organizational chart projects and company departments
  • Horizontal decision tree flow chart with data values and status marks
  • Horizontal distribution tree diagram
  • Vertical decision tree flowchart
  • Target customer segmentation tree template

Process steps and chevron sequence diagrams:

  • Simple chevron diagram with split three steps arrow
  • Four steps diagram
  • Chevron process three items diagram with outcome
  • Process flow chevron diagram for four steps
  • Process chevron diagram with input-output four steps arrow
  • List diagram with flat spacecraft picture for four phases
  • Rocket launch vertical timeline with four steps
  • Development chart
  • Four growth stages diagram
  • Progress stages diagram
  • Development timeline diagram
  • Downwards spring shape slide for four steps
  • Chevron steps diagram for five escalating levels
  • Gears timeline layout
  • Spring spiral infographics for five items
  • Iterative workflow chart for five stages
  • Waterfall chart template
  • Decreasing levels ribbon list diagram
  • Process breakup chevron diagram for five stages
  • Stairs diagram with arrow steps for six and seven levels
  • 2D bricks increasing list diagram for seven steps
  • Cause and effect ikishawa flowchart

Cycle diagrams and loop flow charts:

  • Three stages cycle diagram
  • Four elements loop
  • Quarters circle diagram template
  • Four steps arrow circle cycle template
  • Five stages cycle diagram with description
  • Five phases loop chart graphics
  • Circular chevron ring with five items
  • Five and six steps arrow circle cycle template with icons
  • Six steps development list with archimedean spiral drawing
  • Seven steps arrow circle cycle template
  • Snake shape diagram for six steps
  • Double loop diagram for seven elements

Funnels and filter diagrams:

  • Vertical elements filtration model for four layers
  • Circular filters diagram for four levels
  • Sales funnel diagram: lead to client filtering
  • Horizontal filtration diagram for five stages
  • Vertical tube filtration diagram for five layers
  • Top down selection funnel
  • Horizontal tube filtration model diagram for five levels
  • Vertical layered density filtration diagram for six layers
  • Top to bottom funnel with six levels
  • Downward cylinder funnel diagram

Timeline diagrams:

  • Timeline puzzle serie diagram
  • Yearly events plan timeline
  • Next actions six months plan calendar
  • Year plan calendar with twelve months textboxes
  • Quarters timeline with callouts
  • Extended double line timeline
  • Development history timeline
  • Airplane flight trajectory graphics timeline
  • Zigzag chain timeline for six items
  • Eight steps timeline with horizontal rocket trajectory
  • Timeline arrow with key graphics for eight items
  • Straight road timeline of projects history and plan

Roadmaps and pipe flow charts:

  • Long-term plan timeline roadmap
  • Curvy journey line with business strategy milestones and vision
  • Strategy roadmap objectives and target timeline
  • Four project roadmap infographics snake shape
  • How it works roadmap for six steps guide
  • Curvy conveyor belt line diagram for five stages
  • Assembly line with four production steps
  • Five stages process roadmap with cogs mechanics illustration
  • Vertical pipeline graphics monthly timeline
  • Pipe roadmap: horizontal six steps flowchart

KPI list diagrams: key data charts:

  • Creative KPI Data-driven column chart
  • Horizontal progress bar indicators
  • Four KPI bar chart graphics
  • Four categories data percentage charts
  • Four key focus data index dashboard
  • Building blocks percentage matrix infographics
  • Iconographic picto-chart with people icons
  • Budget spending infographics example
  • Product purchasing data infographics

Table graphics:

  • Table chart template for activity-based costing content
  • Product development roadmap table
  • 3-5 year roadmap table template with summary
  • Project status table with RAG traffic light indicators
  • Projects status table with Harvey balls
  • Projects status table with OK/Not OK/Warning sign
  • Four column titles general table template with icons
  • Yearly sales financial summary table
  • Product features comparison table
  • Arrows column table design with hand-drawn marker
  • Table for longer cell descriptions and highlight markers
  • Stripe column design table with hand-drawn marker
  • Triangle top ribbon table design with hand-drawn focus brackets

Map and location graphics:

  • World map with global market sizes over seven continents
  • Influence regions illustrations with data values
  • World map infographics template: Europe route
  • World map infographics template: America route

Business concepts illustrations:

  • Vision and mission stairs infographics
  • Umbrella shelter concept flat graphics
  • Victory stand graphics template
  • Creative synergy diagram with four paint rollers
  • Bridge over valley graphics for gap analysis
  • Four segments bricks bridge with pillars
  • Bridge the gap company slide
  • Problem solving visual metaphor key flowchart
  • 3D vertically layered cube diagram for three and four layers
  • Transparent three-dimensional cube layout for three levels
  • Root cause analysis tree graphics
  • Problem analysis tree diagram
  • Cause and effect fishbone diagram template
  • Quote template slide
Fully editable in PowerPoint set of vector shapes fully editable by using built-in PowerPoint tools, including
  • change the color of all shapes filling and its outline, including icons
  • adding shadows
  • changing shape and size, rotating, flipping the object
  • putting shapes behind or on top of text
See editing demonstration in our HowTo Videos.
  • infoDiagram's designer
  • Contact: here

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