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2 x 2 Segments Matrix Template

Slide Content

The slide titled "2 x 2 Segments Matrix Template" depicts a matrix with four quadrants for categorizing information based on two dimensions. Each quadrant has a space for a title and a text area to describe the segment's characteristics or provide additional information. The term "Segmentation Title" implies the user should label each segment, while "Dimension X High" and "Dimension Y High" suggest metrics or criteria to evaluate the segments. Each text area encourages the user to insert a comprehensive description that is fully editable.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a light blue and white color scheme, with orange accents in the central axis point and quadrant dividing lines.
  • There are four main quadrants labeled with placeholder text "Segmentation Title" for potential categorization; each quadrant is equally sized.
  • Each quadrant has a colored icon—a green square, a blue document, a blue gear, and a green building, respectively—indicating spaces for customizable graphics related to each category.
  • A vertical grey arrow labeled "Dimension X High" and a horizontal grey arrow labeled "Dimension Y High" intersect at the center, creating the matrix structure.
  • The center point where the two axes intersect is highlighted with an orange circle containing a white crosshair icon, representing a focal or central point.
  • Each quadrant contains a white placeholder textbox with a grey border where descriptive text can be added.
  • The overall design is clean and balanced with clear delineation between the segments.

The overall look of the slide suggests a professional and structured approach to segmenting information visually. The color-coded icons and text areas are designed for clarity and ease of customization.

Use Cases

  • To illustrate market segmentation in a marketing strategy presentation.
  • To classify products or services based on two key performance dimensions in a business analysis.
  • To explain strategic business units or different customer groups in a corporate training seminar.
  • To visually summarize research data categorization in an academic or professional research presentation.

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