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Risk matrix template in rectangle style
from deck Risk Matrix Diagrams (PPT template)


Slide Content

The slide presents a risk matrix with a grid that categorizes risk severity against risk probability, each on a scale from low to high. It uses color-coded rectangles to visually differentiate between the levels of severity and probability. The intersections where the icons are placed imply the priority or significance of various risks - the icon placed in the high probability and high severity section indicates a critical risk that may require immediate attention, while the other icons suggest moderate risks.

Graphical Look

  • A matrix with a grid of 3x3 squares, color-coded in different shades of blue and orange, representing various levels of risk.
  • Icons placed within specific squares, visually emphasizing the importance or impact of the respective risks.
  • The gradients of blue are used to illustrate the probabilities from low (darker blue) to high (lighter blue).
  • The orange squares are used to depict a high level of severity.
  • The axes are labeled with 'RISK PROBABILITY' on the vertical side and 'RISK SEVERITY' on the horizontal header.
  • Text labels for 'LOW', 'MEDIUM', and 'HIGH' are aligned with respective rows and columns.

The slide has a clean and professional design, with a distinct color scheme that intuitively communicates the levels of risk severity and probability. The visual elements such as colored rectangles and symbols are effectively used to convey information at a glance.

Use Cases

  • To assess and demonstrate the potential risks in a business project or plan.
  • In a management or team meeting for identifying and prioritizing risks.
  • To visually support risk analysis and discussions in a corporate training session.
  • Within a strategic planning or decision-making presentation to stakeholders or investors.

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