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HR Administration Areas - Human Resource Management Template
from deck Payroll, Compensation, HR Admin Process Diagrams (PPT Template)

HR Administration Areas - Human Resource Management Template Slide

The HR Administration Areas PPT Template represents the 9 functional areas in HR: labor law, health and safety, mission and vision, taxes, diversity and inclusion, document management, health insurance, statuses, and payroll. There is a text box under each area where you can write a brief description for each one. You can write the latest employment laws in the labor law box because it is important to stay compliant in business. HR management is responsible for providing important health and safety legislation to ensure a safe work environment. You can also write your organization's mission and vision to ensure your new employee will follow your organizational structure. In the taxes box, you can write important tax laws that govern your organization. Diversity and inclusion ensure that employees feel a sense of belonging in the organization to guarantee strong employee relations regarding their differences in race, ethnicity, gender, and more. Human resource management is responsible for tracking and storing a company's documents. In the health and insurance box, you can write the health insurance your company provides to employees. HR is also responsible for knowing the statute of each job and job description to do training and development for new employees. In the payroll box, you can mention the payroll process and the compensation and benefits. Employee benefits will ensure a high level of productivity and keep employees motivated while working. You can use this human resources information PowerPoint Presentation if you are a senior manager and want to recruit an HR professional for your company. You can also use this diagram in the recruitment process if you are a human resource professional and want to higher an HR assistant. You can download this template on Google Slides.

What Does This HR Administration Areas - Human Resource Management Template Slide Include?

  • White Background
  • Text Box
  • Balance Icon, Scale Icon, Law Icon, Warning Sign Icon, Exclamation Mark Icon, Safety Icon, Rocket Icon, Launch Icon, Start Icon, Mission Icon, Taxes Icon, Diversity and Inclusion Icon, Document Icon, File Folder Icon, Health Insurance Icon, Umbrella Over A Cross Icon, Statute Icon, Money on Hand Icon, Payroll Icon

This HR Administration Areas - Human Resource Management Template Slide is a part of our Payroll, Compensation, HR Process Diagrams PPT Template.

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