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All diagram charts are easy to adapt
from deck Digital Transformation Strategy Roadmaps (PPT Template)

All diagram shapes are easy to adapt

Slide Content

The slide presents a concept that all diagram shapes are adaptable. It features customizable elements, stressing on full editability and the ease of changing texts, icons, colors, and sizes, thus allowing for brand customization. Two sets of hexagonal shapes with icons and adjacent text fields imply a process or comparison. The icons suggest customization related to human resources and technology, which is reinforced by the phrases indicating ease of ungrouping, copying, duplicating, or removing items for tailoring the diagram to specific needs.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a clean, modern design with a white background and a combination of green, blue, and purple elements.
  • Three hexagonal shapes are colored in light green, dark blue, and purple, each with a white icon in the center.
  • Each hexagon is connected to a larger, horizontal grey arrow-shaped element with space for text, which gives the appearance of a flow or sequence.
  • A blue arrow points from the first set of shapes to the second, indicating a directional process or a relationship between the elements.
  • Two green rectangular call-out boxes are aligned to the right, providing additional editable information about the shapes.
  • The slide uses a sans-serif font, which contributes to a modern and readable presentation.

The slide has a balanced layout with good use of white space and a clear directionality indicated by the arrow and sequence of shapes. The contrasting colors and simple icons give it a professional but engaging appearance.

Use Cases

  • Presenting steps in a workflow or process that are subject to customization.
  • Demonstrating the flexibility of a product or software in a sales or marketing presentation.
  • Introducing training material on how to modify templates or materials to match brand guidelines.
  • Showcasing before-and-after scenarios in a business process optimization discussion.

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