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All Hands Meeting Icons - Rating
from deck All Hands Company Meeting Presentation (PPT Template)

All Hands Meeting Icons - Rating

Slide Content: The PowerPoint slide presents a series of icons related to the theme of recognition and rating. The icons illustrate concepts such as a finger snap, a palm, stars of varying sizes for rating purposes, a trophy representing awards, a speech bubble for communication, and ribbons denoting first, second, and third prize, suggesting a theme of achievement and acknowledgment.

Graphical Look:

  • The slide background is divided horizontally with a light grey on top and dark navy blue on the bottom.
  • The slide title "All Hands Meeting Icons - Rating" is positioned at the top, in large bold text.
  • There is a subtitle text beneath the title with keywords related to the theme like "Fingers Snap," "Palm," "Recognition," etc.
  • A set of 9 editable icons is distributed evenly across the slide, arranged in three rows of three.
  • Each icon is outlined in a light grey color corresponding with the slide's upper background.
  • Below the icons, on the navy blue section, is a call-to-action text that reads "Get these slides & icons at"
  • On the right-hand side of the slide, there is a teal-colored sidebar with the text "Fully editable icons" in white.
  • In the sidebar, three versions of the head-and-heart icon are presented with different outline colors (teal, orange, cyan).

The overall look of the slide is sleek, with a professional color scheme and minimalistic icons that are easy to interpret. The dual-tone background adds visual interest without overwhelming the content, and the icons are designed with simplicity in mind, ensuring clarity in their representation of ideas.

Use Cases:

  • To illustrate the different facets of employee recognition and incentives during an all-hands meeting.
  • As a visual aid when discussing company rewards systems or performance rating strategies in a business setting.
  • For presentations that aim to explain or introduce an organizational achievement framework.
  • When facilitating training or workshopson leadership, motivation, or team building, to highlight different forms of appreciation and reward.

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