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All-hands Meeting Icons - Strategy
from deck All Hands Company Meeting Presentation (PPT Template)

All-hands Meeting Icons - Strategy

Slide Content: The slide presents a series of icons related to strategy for all-hands meetings: calendar (time planning), Kanban (workflow visualization), sticker note (quick messaging or task flagging), sprint (short, iterative project phase), compass (guidance or direction), arrow/dart (targeting goals), mountain (challenges to overcome), goal (objective), flag (milestone or achievement), marker (highlighting or location), sign (guidance or instruction), and leadership/trail (guidance or pathfinding).

Graphical Look:

  • The slide background is divided diagonally into two colors: white on the left and a dark teal on the right.
  • On the white side, there are two rows of outline icons, six icons per row, each depicting a different strategy or planning concept.
  • The top right corner has a text box with the words "Fully editable icons" in white font.
  • The bottom right corner features four circular icons of a compass, colored differently (black, orange, blue, and white).
  • Below the circular icons is a text box with the words "More graphics available. Check our website" and a website URL.
  • A decorative dark teal ribbon graphic intersects the two background colors at the top of the slide.

The slide has a clean and modern look with a professional color scheme that emphasizes the content. The icons are simple and well-spaced, offering a visual representation of various strategic concepts without clutter.

Use Cases:

  • To visually convey different strategic tools or concepts during an all-hands meeting.
  • In a training presentation to explain different methodology symbols to employees.
  • During a planning session to select appropriate tools or symbols that represent project milestones or tasks.
  • As part of a slide deck for a management workshop focused on strategy development and implementation.

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