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Supply Chain Map Example: Production, Distribution Logistics Plan

Slide Content

The slide depicts a visual representation of a supply chain on a geographical map, indicating the flow of goods from production to distribution. It includes factories, warehouses, and different modes of transport, showing the complexity and interconnected nature of logistics in business. Each location symbolizes a critical node in the supply chain, such as production plants, distribution centers, or shipping hubs, and the arrows demonstrate the direction of goods movement, providing insight into the supply chain's structure and logistics pathways.

Graphical Look

  • A map in shades of gray illustrates a geographical area with countries and borders.
  • Factory icons, depicted in purple, indicate the locations of production facilities.
  • Warehouse icons, also in purple, represent storage or distribution points.
  • Dotted lines with arrows, spreading from the factories to warehouses, illustrate the routes of transportation or distribution.
  • A placeholder text box with a bullet list on the right, ready to be filled with a description.
  • The slide background is white, which makes the map and icons stand out.

The slide presents a clean and straightforward design with a color scheme that highlights the important aspects of the supply chain. The choice of icons and directional lines clearly conveys the flow of goods within the logistical network.

Use Cases

  • Explaining the company's supply chain and logistics strategies in a business meeting.
  • Training new employees on the operational geography of the company.
  • Presenting production and distribution plans to stakeholders or investors.
  • Analyzing and discussing improvements or changes to the supply chain during strategic planning sessions.

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