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Balanced Scorecard Annual Progress Report
from deck Balanced Scorecard Strategy Presentation (PowerPoint Template)

Balanced Scorecard Annual Progress Report

Slide Content

The slide is titled "Balanced Scorecard Annual Progress Report" and depicts a Quarterly Performance Overview Table with Goal, KPI, Target, and Status. The key metrics tracked include financial aspects such as increasing ROI, where the target is set at 8% and progress is tracked quarterly with various percentages achieved in each quarter. Customer-related goals involve increasing new customers' share, targeting a 30% ratio of new to existing customers. Internal processes focus on simplifying the decision-making process aiming for an average process approval time of less than 2 days. Lastly, Learning/Growth pertains to the development of new skill sets, although specific KPIs and targets are not visible on the slide.

Graphical Look

  • Large slide title at the top with a light blue background.
  • Four main categories on the left side, each with its unique color and icon: Financial (blue with dollar symbol), Customers (green with grouped figures), Internal Processes (yellow with gears), and Learning/Growth (red with a light bulb and cogwheel).
  • A header row spans across the slide, consisting of dark grey cells with white text for 'Strategical Goal', 'KPI', ‘Target’, and each quarter (Q1 - Q4).
  • Each category on the left is associated with rows displaying specific goals, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and targets in corresponding colors, followed by colored status cells for each quarter that use shades of green, yellow, and red to indicate performance.

The overall look of the slide is highly structured and uses a color-coding system to denote the different areas of the balanced scorecard (financial, customer, internal processes, and learning/growth), with visually distinct sections for goals, KPIs, targets, and quarterly status updates.

Use Cases

  • Presenting to stakeholders the annual progress on various strategic objectives during a yearly review meeting.
  • Reviewing with teams the company performance across different departments, such as finance, customer service, and operations during quarterly business review meetings.
  • Utilizing in strategic planning sessions to align goals and ensure that all aspects of the business are considered.
  • The slide can also be used for training purposes to illustrate the balanced scorecard approach to new employees or team members who need to understand corporate strategy and performance measurement.

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