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Biz Recovery Icons Set – General
from deck Post Pandemic Business Recovery Plan (PPT Template)

Biz Recovery Icons Set — General

Slide Content

The slide presents a set of business recovery icons that include representations for various concepts such as Product, indicating tangible items or services; Box, meaning packaging or distribution; Stocks, relating to investments; Idea, representing creativity or solutions; Solution for problem-solving tactics; Innovation, suggesting improvements or new methods; Lightbulb, often symbolizing ideas; Launch, which could signify starting new projects; Rocket, implying rapid growth or acceleration; Clock for time management; Time, representing temporal aspects; deadline as a time limit; Savings, indicating money set aside; Liquidity, relating to cash availability; Piggybank for personal savings; Costs, concerning expenses; Money Bag typically symbolizing wealth; Profit denoting financial gain; Car for transportation or mobility; Supply, relating to logistics; and Transport, indicating the movement of goods.

Graphical Look

  • Two-tone background with the top section in white and bottom in dark teal.
  • Title is in bold with a teal underline on the white background area.
  • A list of keywords is provided under the title, describing the icons' associated concepts.
  • Two rows of icons, symmetrical in alignment, each depicting one of the keywords listed.
  • Icons are minimalist and outlined in grey.
  • Footer area has a contrasting color strip in dark teal.
  • A circular highlight in the footer emphasizes one icon from the upper selection, placed on a light teal circle.
  • A text box at the bottom in the teal area for additional information.

The slide has a clean and modern design, employing a minimalist style with easily recognizable icons. The color scheme is professional, with the teal accents providing a business-like feel.

Use Cases

  • In a business recovery plan presentation, to visually summarize key areas of focus.
  • During strategy meetings, when discussing various tactical elements of bouncing back from setbacks.
  • In financial reports, to help illustrate different financial aspects such as liquidity, costs, and profits.
  • In educational settings or corporate training sessions, to teach about the different elements that contribute to a business's resilience and recovery processes.

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