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Biz Recovery Icons Set – Status & Structure
from deck Post Pandemic Business Recovery Plan (PPT Template)

Biz Recovery Icons Set – Status & Structure

Slide Content

This PowerPoint slide titled 'Biz Recovery Icons Set – Status & Structure' presents a collection of icons related to business recovery and organizational structure. It includes symbols for 'Recover' suggesting a return to normalcy, 'Danger' indicating potential risks, 'Obstacle' representing challenges to overcome, 'Stop' which could connote a pause or end of a process, and 'Link' denoting connections or relationships. The 'Chain' icon may imply interconnectivity or dependencies, 'Connection' further stresses interrelated elements, and 'Checkmark' typically signifies approval or completion. 'Business Model,' 'Operations,' 'Expansion,' 'Scale Up,' 'Flexibility,' and 'Outcomes' are concepts crucial for strategic planning and growth. 'Loop' signifies a feedback mechanism or continuous process, 'Renew' implies rejuvenation or updates, and 'Venn Diagram' represents overlapping relationships or criteria.

Graphical Look

  • The slide features a dark turquoise header with white text for the title, creating a strong contrast.
  • A series of line icons are organized in three rows, with each icon representing a different concept. The first row includes icons for recovery, danger, obstacle, barrier, and chain link.
  • The second row displays icons for approval, connections, network, expansion arrows, and multiple interlinked processes.
  • The third row showcases an upward arrow, a refresh or loop symbol, and a Venn diagram.
  • The colors of the icons are shades of blue and gray, which provides a professional and subdued feel.
  • The slide background is a light gray, allowing the icons and text to stand out.
  • In the bottom left corner, there is a rounded rectangle shape containing promotional information. The bottom right corner houses a circular icon with multiple connections highlighted in a teal/turquoise and a caption that says "Fully editable icons."
  • A larger referential icon, matching the smaller ones in design, sits in the bottom right corner, encircled to emphasize it.
  • Icons are outlined and adopt a minimalist and clean design, easy for audiences to comprehend at a glance.

The overall look of the slide is clean and professional, with a strong focus on the icons themselves. The color scheme is balanced and unobtrusive, ensuring that viewers can quickly interpret the symbolic language presented.

Use Cases

  • Utilizing this slide in a business continuity plan presentation to illustrate various elements such as risks, strategies, and procedural connections.
  • Incorporating in a business strategy update to visually communicate aspects like expansion, operations improvements, or new inter-departmental workflows.
  • Employing during a project debriefing to highlight successful milestones (like the checkmark) or areas for a loop feedback or renewal.
  • Using in organizational development training to discuss concepts like flexibility, expansion, and outcomes in the context of employee roles and responsibilities.

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