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BSC Execution Dashboard – Internal Processes Perspective
from deck Balanced Scorecard Strategy Presentation (PowerPoint Template)

BSC Execution Dashboard – Internal Processes Perspective

Slide Content

The PowerPoint slide is designed as a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) template, focusing on the internal processes perspective of an organization. It lays out objectives such as increasing and decreasing specific levels or ratios, alongside corresponding target and current values for each objective. An additional column is reserved for comments. Decreasing costs or ratios could imply cost optimization strategies, while increasing levels might reference improvements in efficiency or productivity.

Graphical Look

  • The slide has a professional and clean design with a color scheme that includes shades of blue, grey, and orange.
  • A large title is presented at the top in bold font, with the subtitle providing further clarity on the type of template.
  • There are four main columns with rounded headers that represent 'Objectives', 'Target', 'Current', and 'Comments'.
  • Each 'Objective' is paired with a relevant icon, such as scales for balancing or a gear for processes, enhancing visual understanding.
  • Numeric data is clearly displayed in the 'Target' and 'Current' columns, with directional arrow icons indicating performance relative to targets.
  • The 'Comments' column contains bullet points with placeholder text for customization.
  • The entire table is set against a subtle background with a grid-like texture.

The overall look is structured and organized, geared towards easy interpretation of performance metrics. The use of icons and color coding aids in quick comprehension and highlights important data points.

Use Cases

  • Tracking and presenting performance metrics related to internal business processes during executive meetings.
  • Providing a visual summary of performance against strategic objectives for intra-departmental reviews.
  • Using as part of a performance management presentation to highlight areas needing improvement or showcasing successes.
  • Integrating with other BSC perspectives in a holistic strategy presentation to stakeholders or board members.

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