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Budget Outline Icons Set – Product, Sales
from deck Annual Budget Financial Presentation (PowerPoint Template)

Budget Outline Icons Set — Product, Sales

Slide Content

The slide presents a collection of line icons related to budgeting, product, and sales. Icons represent various aspects of business operations, such as product packaging (Box), logistics (Supply Chain), manufacturing processes (Production), retail activities (Sell), value propositions (Offer), customer interaction (Hands), digital commerce (E-commerce), technology (IT, Laptop, Computer), online marketing (Digital, Online, Website), traditional advertising (Newspaper), and strategic marketing tools (Marketing). Each icon visually depicts a different business concept to aid in the discussion of sales and marketing strategies.

Graphical Look

  • The background is divided diagonally from top right to bottom left with dark teal on top and light gray on the bottom.
  • There are ten outline-styled icons arranged in two rows of five, evenly spaced across the light gray section of the slide.
  • Each icon is accompanied by a label in a simple, clean font that corresponds to the business concept it represents.
  • On the top right, the phrase "Fully editable icons" is shown in white text against the dark teal background.
  • Icons appear as simple, line-based drawings for clarity and include a box, factory, shopping cart, laptop, store, webpage, handshake, discount tag, price tag, and megaphone.
  • The color scheme is monochromatic, with icons and text in a similar shade of dark blue against the pale backgrounds, except for the highlighted icon in the bottom right in a white circle.

The slide design is sleek and modern, utilizing a minimalist aesthetic with a professional color palette. The distinct icons are used to visually communicate complex business concepts in a straightforward manner.

Use Cases

  • Introducing different components of a business plan or sales strategy in a corporate meeting.
  • Enhancing training materials for employees with visual aids that outline key aspects of product management and sales processes.
  • Providing a visual summary in a pitch deck for potential investors to understand the business model and revenue streams.
  • Creating educational content for marketing and sales professionals to explain various tactics and operational elements.

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